Moving BADGER from MetaMast to SETT Vaults

HI there…

I picked up some BADGER, which is now on my MetaMask. I see that there seems to be a good staking option in the Vault Setts and want to try this.

I do not see how to move my BADGER in from MetaMask - can someone direct me please?


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how did you connect it to metamask.?
I have try but not working

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go to the the Badger DAO server on Discord. there is support there that can help you.


Thanks for the responses. I will go to Badger Dao on Discord.

I think I figured it out and was about to stake half my Badger, but the ETH Gas Fee to do it was over $50.

Is there a time of day or something when gas prices are lower (and does that sound right for staking Badger)?

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Weekends can be cheaper for gas fees, and you can look on to keep track of the current prices. As I type this they are completely ridiculous which is normal at the moment.

U do need to think about the value you will get from staking vs the cost of staking and unstaking them, because it is several transactions. I paid around $50 to move them to the Sett, $20 to approve the Badger protocol using them, and $20 to stake them. Assuming that I don’t leave them staked till the end of time, I will need to unstake them and move them back my wallet on the way out, two more transactions to factor in. Depending on how many Badger you are staking, it might take quite some time to pay these fees off through the yield.

A lot of people are working on solutions (, but this is the current situation with the ETH network being so congested.

Best of luck!

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Oh, also to mention that claiming your yield is another transaction!
Good times for ETH miners basically, everyone else is getting boned

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This is good info badgerpawz…thanks. I am looking to stake long term, so will think about it. I might wait until I have my target amount of BADGER - so I do not have to duplicate those transactions.

I would imagine that scaling is one of the biggest things being looked at. It will be awesome to see how the layer II stuff works out. There will be a lot of hype around things that work.

The gas station link is cool