Market cap spike / sudden 3x supply increase according to Coingecko?

just noticed Badger market cap spiked today, from $126m to $300m+ on coingecko : is this a bug on Coingecko end, or did something happen I wasn’t aware of that resulted in massive dilution ?

Besides, where can I find stats about supply? Couldn’t find on the website? Coingecko says circulating supply suddenly jumped to 6.5 million (21m max).

Was there a huge unlock or something ?


I have been wondering the same. The circulating supply was around 2 million badgers few days ago, now it’s about 6.5 million. Would really appreciate if someone would help answer our concerns.

Any response is appreciated.


They pretended to be invisible

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Hi folks, coingecko was previously displaying incorrect data. Now CG is displaying correct circulating supply.


Coinmarket cap has 2.3 M circulating supply. That needs to be corrected too then.

Sounds like team is reaching out to coinmarketcap but coinmarketcap needs to fix it on there end. You may want to send coinmarketcap an email as well if it’s a tool you use.

Not gonna lie : this is not awesome.
A big reason why I bought Badger was its low market cap. Which is actually 3x bigger than what I thought.

Not the good kind of surprise. Not awesome.

One of the cool things about a public blockchain like this is that every transaction is viewable and auditable by the public. For example, at the following link, you can find all of the transactions involving the Badger token:

And at the following link, you can find all of the transactions involving the bBadger token:

So, if there were shenanigans, there’s a good chance that there will be clues at those two links

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Why did it increase so much all at once? What I saw is that the 850W team shouldn’t explain it ?

It didn’t. As was said above coin gecko and coinmarketcap were reporting it incorrectly. We reached out to them many times but they were slow to fix it.

this is a classical error that these APIs have with ethereum, they’re not running their own independent node, so the calculation will show discrepancies

every geth instance will have different lag