Loading Badger Setts...,can tell me why?

When I go on the page connect with the MetaMask wallet I’m keep getting " Loading Badger Setts…" on screen and no info about my account value.!

Loading Badger Setts…


Try asking in the support channel in discord. Did you try closing out metamask and logging back in and refreshing your browser?


thanks .I have refreshed the brower for n times .but no change

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Did you solve it yet? What type of wallet do you have?


I did not solve it yet. i use MetaMask. :confused:

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thanks i have disconnect/connt,refresh the page ,clear cache ,remove from connected sites on metamask ,but did not solved it .

i will have more try ,thanks a log.

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same happens for me but it loads after some time, i think they are updating the website look. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i changed the brower from chrome to brave ,but it can not be solved.

can somebody help me ?

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You really need to ask in the support channel of discord, that is where the expert help is.

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I asked the question on discord, and no one answered it. This question seems to be a common problem, and it is the same for others.

keep asking in the support channel. DM @sp7290 or @blackbear

Now all is OK. perhaper the Dev changes the code.thanks a lot

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I have gotten this too…but then sometimes it will show the accurate $ amount of Badger balance on my MetaMask.

I just had the same thing “Your Portfolio” said $0.00

I disconnected and then reconnected my MetaMask.
I clicked “Wallet Balances” to highlight it
I then refreshed the app page

The balance showed up accurate at that point.

Related to the failure of the front website call contract function

I am having same issue. Showing a aero balance but it does show on Zapper. Did all your guys’ issues resolve themselves with time??

now the new question .

the Portfolio is 0.