Is my DIGG balance adjusted even after I contribute to a Uniswap/Sushi pool

I am new to the project and wanted to check the following (I’d very much appreciate an answer):

Say I contribute 1 DIGG and 1.2WBTC (I am using current prices for the sake of the example) to a UNISWAP pool and I get an LP token. THe next day nothing has changed…prices haven’t moved, nobody has traded in Uniswap but the supply of DIGG has increased to bring DIGG’s price closer to BTC’s price so instead anyone who had 1 DIGG now has 1.02 DIGG…if I take my liqudiity back from UNISWAP will I receive 1.02 DIGG and 1.2WBTC or will I receive exactly what i contributed = 1 DIGG and 1 WBTC effectively losing the 0.02 DIGG distributed during the last rebalance?

Digg rebases everywhere. In your wallet, in lp, wherever. If Digg has had a positive rebase you will withdraw the 1.02 like in your example.

thank you very much that’s a lot clearer