Is an anon mode helpful for Badger?

I have been researching how DAOs make decisions and I am curious about anonymity. Since this feature is possible on discourse and is easy to enable:

  1. Have we considered enabling it here
  2. If yes, why, if not, why not?

My thesis is that optional anonymity would allow users to communicate candidly without needing to create a throwaway account, and would love your feedback on this.

i dont think this forum is discourse, is it?

Hi @skyfoxx,

I think most of us weren’t aware of the anon mode being an option on discourse before this topic, so we haven’t considered it as a group.

Not sure how much value it would bring tbh. Most of the communication in the DAO happens in Discord, and it’s also easier to know who you’re talking with.
When community members share their thoughts pseudonymously, it feeds into their reputation. When they do it anonymously, it doesn’t.
So why would one want to share something valuable anonymously? On the other hand, I can imagine people wanting to share anonymously something that would otherwise hurt their reputation. But do we need that type of input in the first place?

We have considered anon vs public votes in the past, and public voting was the preference because:

  1. the votes can’t be skewed by newly created sybil accounts without it being visible - and we had that experience
  2. there is benefit in knowing the preferences of the community members you know

Also, if we had anons posting in the forum, their comments would naturally raise suspicion and hold less weight.
So overall, I don’t see what there is to gain from anon mode when it comes to the quality of discussions on the forum, and I can see how it could detriment them slightly.

i dont think this forum is discourse, is it?

it is afaik


This is a discourse forum :slight_smile:

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ah it is. i got thrown off by some screenshots out there.

  1. i dont think it has been considered
  2. good question :slight_smile: i wasnt aware of the option.

maybe put up a poll to see what others think?