Introduction to Impact3 - Your Resident Crypto Tweetooor

GM Badger Community,

We hope to become your honorary Tweetooor. But we couldn’t be the voice of Badger without first introducing ourselves.

In early February we made a proposal to the Badger Treasury council to replace the current service provider for running the BadgerDAO Twitter. Our goal is to develop a consistent brand voice, increase Badger awareness among crypto natives, build a strong community with existing and new supporters and to work closely with the association in support of eBTC.

While we wish we could take each and every one of you out for coffee, tea or an ice cold beer, the reality is we can’t (yayyy to decentralization). So instead, we’re going to awkwardly spam your forum instead (sorry about that).

If the last sentence didn’t just give it away, we’re a Canadian born, crypto and web3 marketing agency called Impact3. We’re a small team of crypto-obsessed marketers that live and breathe web3. More importantly, we’ve worked with the biggest and best media channels in crypto, from Bankless and Milk Road, to Overpriced JPEGs and Lark Davis (1.1M followers on X). We also ran growth marketing for Foot Guns, led by a Badger Veteran, Hal!

We love crypto so much that we started our own crypto media company called Web3 Academy, in an attempt to help newbies navigate the onchain world.

I want to be real with you – managing social media is not difficult. There are thousands of marketing agencies that can do this around the world.

What is hard is finding good marketers who have their pulse on crypto and understand the lingo and the narratives.

That’s what Badger needs to become a beast on Twitter, and that’s exactly what we do better than anyone else.

Look at that Honey Badger Go!
We see a big opportunity for Badger to become one of the most well known and engaging brands on Twitter.

By applying our experience running leading crypto brands (and by being obsessed with Crypto Twitter), we can ensure massive success for BadgerDAO on Twitter.

Here are the objectives we’ll focus on:

  1. Brand Voice: Establish and maintain a consistent and authentic Badger voice throughout all tweets and interactions to strengthen brand identity and differentiate from competitors.
  2. Brand Awareness: Increase the visibility of Badger and eBTC among Bitcoin investors and DeFi through engaging and relevant content on Twitter.
  3. Audience Engagement: Foster interaction with the audience through tweets, replies, retweets, and polls to build a community around the brand.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: Regularly analyze the performance of the Twitter account using metrics like engagement rate, follower growth, and profile conversion rate to refine strategies and report progress.
  5. Community Building: Foster a sense of community among followers by engaging in relevant conversations, hosting Spaces, and using branded hashtags, language & emojis.
  6. Support the Launch & Promotion of eBTC: Leverage Badger Twitter for promoting the launch of eBTC and coordinate engagement with eBTC marketing team.
  7. Influencer Collaboration: Identify and collaborate with influencers to expand reach and credibility among their followers.
  8. Customer Support: Build a system to promptly redirect customer service queries, complaints, and feedback to the appropriate channel.
  9. Compliance and Best Practices: Ensure all content and engagement strategies comply with Twitter’s policies, BadgerDAO policies and best practices.
  10. Managing Stakeholders: Develop a comprehensive stakeholder management plan to align the Badger Twitter strategy with the diverse objectives of all stakeholders.

Success Guaranteed or We’ll Go Back to McDonalds

We know we will succeed in our work with BadgerDAO because we are going to get our hands dirty. There’s no secret to success. It just takes consistent effort. Crypto never sleeps and neither do we.

Kidding, of course we sleep, but thankfully our team resides all around the world, from Canada to Europe and India to Argentina, so someone’s always available!

Every 2 weeks, we’ll run a meeting with leaders from the DAO, the Association and the Treasury. In this meeting we’ll ensure traction towards larger project objectives, hold team members accountable, identify and solve issues and act quickly to take advantage of opportunities.

Our Promise to All Badgers

We’re committed to going the extra mile to ensure we’re not just ticking boxes but delivering tangible value for you. Trust is our currency, and we’re minting it through open, honest communication where everyone’s voice matters in a drama-free zone.

Teamwork? You betcha! We’re like the Avengers of productivity, each with our own superpowers, ready to swoop in and save the day.

We’re in this project together, heart and soul. If someone’s not pulling their weight, we’ll gently nudge them back on track. And when someone’s knocking it out of the park, oh boy, we’re popping the champagne! :champagne:

Let’s ride this rollercoaster of success together, frens!


What our meetings could look like :eyes: :joy:


Spada₿oom said, price action is content marketing

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welcome to badger sers!


100% price action is a big part of what drives the narrative on crypto twitter. With us taking over Badger twitter we’ll become active contributors to this everyday by creating engaging content around price action and whatever is driving the narrative.