Incentives for Governance voting

agree, still net positive or at least worth a shot to see if it’s net positive

good idea,hope so!DAO !

This only got 18 votes, but it was 17-1 FOR.

The weighting was closer. Should we proceed to a BIP or is more discussion on the matter warranted?


Need to highlight this on the discord to get more voters.

A BIP asking whether to incentivise voting isn’t getting enough people voting… ironic.


@Spadaboom @DeFiFrog

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One of the things Maker added was forum badges that showed others various Maker wallet participation. They have an app that allows you to sign a transaction proving you own the keys (no the keys are not required - just a valid signature proving the forum username owns the wallet) that then scans on-chain transactions to determine earned badges.

Examples of badges.
Voted in 1 poll, 5 polls, 10 polls, 100 polls
voted in 1 executive, 5, 10 etc.
Enacted an executive
Borrowed 10, 50, 100 DAI
Moved 10, 50, 100 DAI



I like this idea. Other option is instead of giving Badgers, votes could collect points to some special edition of NFT’s. It is important to involve more people who own Bagrer tokens.


That’s a great point. NFTs would be a great way.

Also, you may have heard @Spadaboom talk about “levels” within the protocol. This could be an example of it. Ie to reach level 3 you must have voted on 10 snapshots. Level 3 gives x benefit etc.



Ideally we need educated voting.

Unlock voting in a specific topic by reading and passing a small exam.
Less technical votes accessible from the get-to.

Create video-classroom for teachers that can educate voters, help them better understand the implications of different aspects.

I understand this one sounds ludicrous. There can be many details to this. As time goes on many projects have expanded into ‘‘research’’ which ties back to education. Start small and build up, as usually.

Am I jumping too much in the future? Sorry if I am. (:

EDIT: With that I wanted to say that I support ‘‘Incentives for Governance voting’’ .

In a way when you are involved in a DAO and you participate to votes, you are already rewarded.

In a way you vote for something in your interest or in the interest of the protocol. So long term also in your interested.

And you don’t want people voting just for rewards, a vote should be a thoughtful decision. And not a click on a random button.


Voted, good proposal :star_struck:


Is there a help page for voting, that explains how the process works? I’m willing to be more adamant in the procedure, if I understood more about it. Does it cost any badger from my wallet to participate in the voting process? Is it locked while the vote is being commenced? I kinda feel dumb for asking this, but I just don’t know.

The page for voting is called Snapshot, you can find it here

Voting for proposals has no cost (no gas) and your voting weight will be based on the amount of badger you have. All of the Badger setts are accounted for in determining your voting power.

No locking of tokens whatsoever, you just vote and thats it.

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Oh, right on. Thanks for the reply. I’ll start doing my part and placing my votes.


As an aside…

One benefit of voting is that it might be a criteria of airdrops for other platforms. Get involved!


I think there would be no harm having a third option on votes for “not sure” then everyone can be encouraged to participate without leading the project in a direction , ie… You can always turn up to vote, not every proposal will make sense to everyone.

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There have been lots of snapshot votes lately and some members of the community are voting, but not enough to be a truly decentralized DAO. I think we really need to incentive voting.

A healthy first step would be for x% of $CLAWS or any other drop to go to those vote have previously voted.

Another good option is similar to balancer and have a govFactor for a slight APY boost.

Please consider Badger team!

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It’s unlikely that CLAW will be an airdrop, you can read about it here…

I haven’t looked in on Balancer since they applied the govFactor, is there any data available to see if it has made a noticeable impact on voter turn out?