How long it takes to have a BIP thread approved?

I have a thread in the BIP section that has been pending approval for 4 days.
Is that normal?

It’s been pending 12 days now.
So only team members can do BIPs? How is that a DAO?

There isn’t a formalized process for the community to propose a BIP, but the general formula is:

  • Proposal of idea
  • Request for Feedback in discord
  • Formal BIP
  • Snapshot

A proposal that leapfrogs the other portions of this directly to BIP will not be approved, as it hasn’t had time to be discussed and absorbed by the community.

We’re working on formalizing and decentralizing this process, but currently it is more ad hoc. Please feel free to join discord and start discussing your idea!

It has been discussed a lot on discord actually.

And the proposal of the idea part, where this should happen?