Hold on Badger!Stop dumping, buy the dip

$Badger has been down for 4 consecutive days, and we need a new token incentive plan.

Algorithmic stablecoin or NFT consensus should be realized!

For NFT Proposal
For Algorithmic stablecoin

If you agree with me, then like to Vote me, let the administrator see this message.[poll type=regular results=always public=true chartType=bar]

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I dunno, seems like a great time to buy.


There are lots of new products coming, be patient. Price isn’t always going to go up,lol.


It is almost a week to going down…I’m very pesimistic about it. I’m suprised that nobody is taking about this

Do you prefer to buy when things are high? Come on. This project has so much potential, it is insane.

Because project has so much upside. Complaining about price is just silly. Please sell your cheap badger to me.


Mmmm, Badger had a hell of a run, from 7-8$ to 90$. That was crazy.
I’m no chart or market expert, but to me it feels like it needs to breath.
People are taking a bit of profit, that’s ok, isn’t it?
Bitcoin does 30 % corrections quite often… 40-45% for Badger, a new coin, after such a run. Seems right to me. Let’s be patient.
New stuff from Badger is around the corner. I’d say that so far, they’ve been pretty active. I’m not worried.