[HELP] what can i do?

hey guys,I am looking for help
I realized that i had sent my bBadger Token to the Badger Sett contract. May be because of the unstable connection, The day I deposited my Badger, I receive two trxs confirms from metamask, and i did not recognize the second trx is send bToken.
what can i do? Can dev. or Badger DAO do something help?
This is my deposited Badger trx hash : 0x9e8803269b752b965a9cd8cf6fe83c4fba05f5e8dd092a4efab033480182fe91

This is my mistaken deposite trx hash, i sent my bToken to the sett contract:

I know it is not much, but it is a big money for me, CAN THE DAO HELP ME ?

hello, you should go to the Badger DAO server on Discord. there are people who can help you there.

thank you, I tried but no response now