Help finding my deposits/rewards

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to join the community. I’ve been researching Badger for about 3 weeks trying to find every ‘nibble’ of information available and finally figured out the whole process last night and how to deposit and stake funds! It’s been a journey for sure! Things are changing so fast that a lot of the info out there is outdated even just being 1 or 2 months old I’ve learned!

Though I am a bit at a loss right now. Last night/early (this) morning I put around $760 into the wBTC/DIGG SETT as well as depositing around $220 Badger into the Badger SETT. Ever since both deposits, I’ve only ‘SEEN’ my true balance of around $990 pop up under ‘Your Portfolio’ briefly for 1 minute. Sometimes it’ll briefly show my $220 Badger balance then disappear again.

I’ve been able to deposit into both SETTS mentioned above but because my available balance shows as zero, I’m not able to stake. I believe I’ve even made unnecessary gas fees by depositing the same funds a second time on both wBTC/DIGG SETT as well as the Badger SETT because it’ll show that my linked wallet have these tokens to deposit EVEN THOUGH I’ve already deposited them.

Another strange occurrence is that I’m constantly seeing the Badger price as around $12 on the hoomepage…

I’ve attached a couple of screenshots and would love to gleam any wisdome/knowledge from this great community. Thank you for your patience from this new Baby Badger :wink:

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Have you tried hard refreshing your browser, clearing your cache and disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet? Also what wallet are you using? Some have issues connecting with the site.

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Thanks for the reply Devin! Yes, I’ve refreshed, cleared cache, dissconnected, reconnected. Coinbase Wallet is the wallet I used for these specific deposits. Should I try another one? MyEtherWallet? What wallet and web browser would you recommend?

BTW, by wBTC/DIGG popped up briefly, enough time for me to stake it so that’s finished. Waiting for my $220 of Badger to show up/pop up again so I can take it as well…

Trying to start off with smaller deposits until I can understand the ends and outs of this platform!

For some reason there has always been issues with coinbase wallet. Most people use metamask. Official support doesn’t really check the forums much so I recommend you ask in the support channel in discord. Those guys are the experts and deal with this type of problem all the time and they will get back to you quickly there.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. I really appreciate your help!

Hello Jarrod ! I have same issue problem with my Formatic Wallet. Can you tell me what kind of answer do you have with admin ? Really appreciate your answer :slight_smile:

Hey Phillippe21, so the solution is to transfer our Badger/Digg (or any wBTC pair) out of our existing wallets over to Metamask. Metamask seems to be the one that plays best with the Badger platform from what everyone is saying including Devin. This has been a LONG ROAD of trial and error for me! I seem to finally be getting somewhat of an understanding now. In my current Coin Wallet, once I’ve connected it to the Badger Platform and let the browser window sit open for a couple of hours, it seems to eventually show my funds, but that’s truly a headache!