Governance on BSC

Any way to make our BSC staked Badger/bBadger count for snapshot purposes? I’ve moved mine over there, does this mean I can’t vote on Badger stuff now?

I noticed that my supplied badger on doesn’t count towards governance either.
Although, I think this should be the case. Only badger app staked assets count for governance.+

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I believe I read one of the team members say they are thinking of a way to do this. Hopefully it is possible otherwise it could be a problem for governance if a lot of the badger is on another chain.

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Why should that be the case? We want to encourage composability and increase value for Badger not create tradeoffs.

I think that for your voice/vote to be counted, your badger assets should be staked in the badger ecosystem.

I mean it’s a problem if they can’t vote while their badger is on another chain.

I understand the difficulties regarding cross chain badger, but crbbadger is bbadger deposited into Cream on ETH network so it should be easier to integrate.

Can’t there be a simultaneous Eth snapshot and BSC snapshot, and Snapshot/Scattershot votes put up for both which are then combined? Assuming snap/scat work for BSC, and if not, someone should make such a thing.