Gifting away first edition Badgermon Collectibles!

Inspired by @justsomeguy (Hashmask gift to Badger DAO), I have decided to give away the first edition of the Badgermon series: OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

This is a 12-piece collection featuring:

1 Holographic Diggclaw (Ground)

3 Magsetts (Fire)

8 Spaporeos (Water)

There will only ever be 12 minted for the 1st edition (enforced by the smart contract). I worked with a small fiverr artist a month ago to bring this idea to life, and paid him double his rate with Badger rewards! You can check out his artwork here:

I would like the community’s help on how to distribute these badgermons! I’ll start off with a few suggestions myself:

First I would like to send 0x_b1 a complete set (1 Diggclaw, 1 Magsett, and 1 Spaporeo) for:

  1. Introducing me (and many others) to the Badger community

  2. Being one of the biggest supporters of Badger / DIGG

  3. Pushing the DeFi space closer to the limelight

I’d also like to nominate mitche50 and justsomeguy. I am hoping the community can come together and create a poll of names that we should gift these to! These could be core devs, badger operators/supporters, or just active community members like cryptoyieldinfo. Once we have a list with votes, we could have each nominee pick which badgermon they’d like in order of most votes and I will transfer it to their account.

I am open to any ideas! I am also working with the artist on the 2nd edition of Badgermons, so stay tuned for more elemental types!

P.S. The Diggclaw was intended to be submitted to 0x_b1’s NFT competition and the rest to be auctioned off. But it felt like giving them away to the community was moreso in the DAO spirit.

Badger on!


@badgermaxi what a cool idea. @Justsomeguy sets the bar and look where this is going now. bravo folks! i don’t have much in the way of expert opinion as i’m new to the space and still figuring out how everything works.

if i might be so bold i’d like to put at least 2 names on your list for consideration. @jintao and @vfat - Their early related contributions while v1 UI/UX was getting up and running was unbelievably beneficial to people like me. saved me from myself at least 1x in the early days.

love what you and the community are doing here. so fun to watch it grow. cheers!

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Great nominations! I’ll keep track of these names and then create a poll some time next week for voting. Thanks for your input.

I would like to nominate all the people working constantly in support channel to fix issues and onboarding new people. I haven’t seen many other projects with this level of 24/7 support. @blackbear , @faces , @sp7290 , @Kryptobi hope I didn’t miss any.