Getting Listed on Exchanges

I’m not sure there has been any official word on this yet, but it would be nice to know that we are working on being listed on exchanges such as Huboi, Binance, and Coinbase.
There’s a lot of momentum in the crypto world and we need to take advantage.
There will be many new players getting into crypto right now and us being on these major exchanges would really put us and the project in the spotlight.
I know we’re doing pretty well in regards to TVL, etc etc, but we don’t want to miss this bull run opportunity happening in the market right now.

Do You want $BADGER to be listed on major exchanges ASAP to take advantage of bull run sentiment in current market?
  • Yes
  • No

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Yes but I dont really want to pay listing fees of 200k$ etc.


I think this is a great idea. Another good idea would be to list with Pancake Swap in their IFO section, as there listing fees are lower, and can be a great introduction to the Binance community .

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If the listing increases the value of the asset, it is worth it. Don’t let the gas fees hold you back from trading. :wink:

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I’m not too worried about Badger getting listed to be honest. Being defi native its ok just being on Uni/sushi etc. The ce trained exchange listing and on going fees would be a drain, as well as minimum volume etc.

I would, however, like DIGG to get listed. If the launch goes well Binance etc will pick it up looking to cash in on the hype. A free listing like this would be the best case scenario.


agree, the goal is to create a cash flow machine not give a chunk of our trading volume to cex’s! that’s revenue! we should do our best ~ not ~ to get listed imo :laughing:


I think we should try to list it once the 8 weeks is up. Otherwise we are more susceptible to big traders pumping and dumping. Not that it doesn’t already happen. :smirk:


Against, I don’t think that this can somehow help the project in the long term, except for a possible speculative short-term token price increase.

It would be better to concentrate on developing the protocol itself.


I like the listing after 8 weeks is up idea. It’s a good compromise. We would have more mainstream visibility when we are on the exchanges. I don’t think the this would dry up the trading volume on uni/sushi as people who like to use that would still use that. The advantage of being on an exchange is that it’s visible to the crypto noob. I think it’s worth the listing fees as well if it grows the ecosystem in this regard. We would have a faster ecosystem growth.

I see it turning into profits. Not sure if the timing would be right.