Get Badger whitelisted on Curve to boost rewards

Let me start by saying that the progress of Badger has been phenomenal so far and DIGG and CLAWS are exciting experiments. But I would like to bring some attention back to the core product that I consider to be the Curve vaults, i.e. earning yield on your BTC. Currently we have a competitive advantage due to the Badger/DIGG rewards, after the LM program this will no longer be the case.

On the contrary, Yearn and Stake Dao will presumably offer higher rewards as they lock some of the CRV to increase the boost level. For example, the CRV rewards for the sBTC pool can be increased from ~3% up to ~8% with this strategy.

I propose that Badger should get whitelisted on Curve asap which will allow to lock part of the CRV boosting rewards/APY for users.
(If this is already happening, just ignore me. I couldn’t find anything about this on the Badger or Curve forums.)

  • Yes, let’s boost it
  • Nah, not needed

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