Gas Fees for Staking

Hi Badger Community

Can anyone give me an indication of the approximate total cost of gas fees involved in staking Badger/WBTC in Uniswap’s LP?

So by my reckon gas fees will definitely be incurred on moving WBTC from my wallet to Badger Sett. Then again on the Badger/WBTC, Sett to Uniswap transfer and then potentially a final gas fee for staking it in the Uni LP?

What would one be looking at in gas fees for the above? Any indication of information would be most appreciated.


I think you’ve got the order wrong. Just use to zap into the pool, then take your lp tokens to badger to deposit and stake. So if you are just using wbtc then there will be the zap transaction, then the transactions to deposit and then to stake. Gas fees are always varying but right now they are near all time highs due to high network demand. It would be hundreds of dollars worth of fees right now.