Name: Freddy The Filosopher

Snapshot profile: Freddy’s Snapshot Profile

Discord username/TG username:

Delegate Responsibilities
As a member of the Community Council, I have read and understood the Delegate process (because authored it for the DAO). I also understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment. It’s one I’m uniquely prepared for because of my daily involvement with DAO operations:

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:
I’m passionate about Badger and the Badger community. I’ve been actively involved as a community member and user of Badger technology and vaults since 2021. Badger has incredible potential and my focus is growing Badger and the value it brings to the community and token holders.

I’m actively involved in day to day strategy, community engagement and governance as part of elected my Community Council role. This makes me uniquely qualified to vote on governance issues.

I’m committed to being impartial and to balancing the interests of the DAO and the community members. I’ve set up this delegate address so I’m able to always vote for the benefit of those who delegate their votes to me.

If my personal interests are ever different from what I believe is best for the DAO or community then I will vote with my personal stash from a different address. This separation should give you confidence that I will do what is right with your votes.

My skills and areas of expertise:
I’m experienced in organizational and community management and I have many years of technology and people leadership helping guide me on this journey.

I’m passionate about decentralization, censorship resistances and privacy.

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