Essay Relevant to DIGG: Elastic Finance 101 Published in The Defiant

Hi. I’m the co-author of a new essay in the Defiant focused on providing clarity around the rebase, use cases for rebasing assets and more.

@DeFiFrog suggested that I pop into the forum here to share this resource, which might be helpful for those interested in Digg and understanding the rebase.

Link to the article is here.

Happy to discuss this essay with folks with questions or comments.


Thanks for sharing, it is important people understand rebasing assets.

This will be very helpful for future #badgers. Thank you

very useful thanks for sharing! Also i’ve been reading the ampl whitepaper. It goes in detail as well about rebasing.

I read this yesterday and it really helped me understand a lot of things. I sent it to a bunch of friends and posted on twitter. Thank you very much for this great article.