Earnings on Badger tokens

Hi there!
I buy some Badger tokens after it has been listed at Binance, and today I managed to transfer part of it to badger.finance , to try the staking.
So, to be clear from the start - I am here just because I want to earn money with crypto, let me call myself as co-investor. As so, I would like to see, what profit could I get from 1000$ invested in tokens projects. No ideology, no politics, no keeping patience - just business; if your project gives the income - that is what I and many other people looking for. If you are listing your tokens at public market like Binance - you are going to attract more people into your project - ok, let us see, what you got.
For example, when I started with BTCST tokens - its price was 140$, and on 1000$ I have got 7.5BTCST, which was staked at appropriate pool. From this staked tokens, I`ve got daily revenue in BTC, approx. 0.00002575BTC, i.e. 1.2$-1.5$. In additional, BTCST price runs up in just few weeks to the level over 300$.
Now, I am looking at the revenue I could get from staking my Badger tokens at bagger.finance, the same 1000$ (well, not same, but another).
At your forum, I found one useful tool, Yield Farming Info, and check my statistic with it:

[BADGER] Price: $52.87 Market Cap: $1,110,270,000.00
APY: Day 0.02% Week 0.17% Year 8.59%
You are staking 16.415688817973 bBADGER (20.000000000000 BADGER) $1,057.40 (0.00% of the pool).
Estimated BADGER earnings: Day 0.00 ($0.25) Week 0.03 ($1.75) Year 1.72 ($90.86)
DIGG Per Week: 5.15 ($167,197.03)
APY: Day 0.02% Week 0.12% Year 6.31%
Estimated DIGG earnings: Day 0.0000 ($0.18) Week 0.0000 ($1.28) Year 0.0021 ($66.72)

The question is simple: 0.25$+0.18$ (0.43$) - this is all the daily profit from 1000$ in Badger tokens staked?
Oh, I forget to say, how much it takes me just to stake this amounth of Badgers.
Approx 16$ to send it from Binance account to Metamask; 8$ to approve the limits of badger.finance for Badger takens tranfer; 29$ for deposit Badger tokens from Metamask to staking vault; 5$ to set the limits for bBadger tokens transfer, for badger,finance; 8$ - for finally stake bBadger.
67$ just to start earning passively… to start earning how much? 0.43$/day could not be the daily income of such expensive investition, don`t you think?

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P.S. I do not understand why there two operations just to start staking tokens - I have to deposite tokens, and than to stake deposited tokens. Is there any income from depositing, without staking? As I understand, on staking - bBadger tokens cloned from Badger tokens, may be it is made to separate the income in Badger itself, and income in DIGG. But the main question still stays the same - if the daily income from 1000$ is 0.25$ and 0.18$ - it is not matter how many layers of cloned coins exists, because the result is just bigger than nothing.

Ser we appreciate your investition. Always buy first, research after


Technically, it is 3…

  1. Buy token
  2. Approve spend on your wallet balance for the token
  3. Stake token

Sometimes it is even 4:

  1. Buy token
  2. Approve spend on your wallet balance for the token
  3. Deposit token
  4. Stake token

Pretty much every single project on ETH does the same exact thing. It is how it works.

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With the current gas fees on ethereum you need a much larger investment to make it worthwhile. Fortunately solutions are coming soon. I would recommend asking in a projects discord about how much it will cost to stake and how much you will make before just doing it.

Yesterday I was trying to withdraw my funds from Badger.finance. There was 50$ in ETH in my Metamask wallet and it should be enough for cover all the fees.
On my first attempt I set gas limit too low, and it fails with out-ot-gas error. The fee was 5$.
Next try, I let Metamask to set gas limit automatically, and it was set to 250k. The fee was 25$, and the transaction fails with status “Fail with error 'SafeERC20: low-level call failed”

After this, I asked Badger support at Discord about this situation, and what was the reason of this error. The support answer was: it was because unsuffisent funds for paying Gas fees.

I have to say that this is knowingly lie.

Nobody is purposefully lying to you. Transactions sometimes can fail for many different reasons. Support is trying to help you. I understand you are upset be there is no reason for unfounded accusations.

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@ybynty as to the APY earned from staking BADGER, if you are staking a token within the protocol (whether you’re in it for the money or as an avid community member) your intentions should be aimed toward long term gains. You are looking at these returns from a $ perspective, instead of a token perspective. If you are buying with the expectation that Badger will double or triple in value in the next year, then those same staking rewards reflect a higher $ return. If you dont want to stake within the sett vaults then supply a Badger liquidity pool and earn off trading fees.

04 of March 2021, I was withdrawing Badger tokens from stacking, where it was before. For this operation, I was using Metamask, with auto setting for transaction. After one hour, Ive got message "transaction fail", transaction fee was 29.18$ in ETH. Transactions information said it was out-of-gas error, but, in details, "“gas limit was set to 267,255. Gas used for transaction: 249,748 (93.45%)”.
After weeks of consultation with Metamasks support (as Metamask is operator of this operation), Ive got now the statement that they have no reasons why contract execution was interrupted,while there was no out-of-gas situation, and, if the contract`s execution was previously started - the price of gas was appropriate.

“As you’ve interacted with this Badger contract: 0x19d97d8fa813ee2f51ad4b4e04ea08baf4dffc28 (Badger: Vault (Badger setts))
and error occured during contract execution,
Please check with Badger token community:

It happened during this contract execution on the blockchain”

Now, with this conclusion from Metamasks support, I have to remember the answer from Badger support, on my issue. They said it was insufficent gas price/gas limit. Nope. It was not. And Badgers support could not misunderstand it; telling me this: " insufficent gas price/gas limit", they know it could not been the reason.
But, they dont want to approve that the problem was in Badgers contract itself, that was the real reason of transaction fail! That was exactely “purposefully lying”, and the purpose of this lie was to cover the fact that there is a bug in Badger`s smart contract that could occasionally leads to transaction fail!

I am withdrawing, but they give me back bbadger and not my badger…I staked 1100 badger and they give me back 900 bbadger… how to take back my badger? (In ETH)

bBadger is the interest bearing badger. You have to withdraw that from the sett to get back regular badger. There is a bBADGER/ETH pair on sushiswap if you are trading to eth anyways, it would save you some gas.

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I am still waiting the Badger team once will decide to compensate losses caused by the errors of Badger`s smart contract, losses happened during the execution of this smart contract. I have got clear verdict from MEtamask support that I lost 25$ in ETH not because of insufficient transaction settings, but because of the error in smart contract executed. No doubt such losses have to be compensated by special fund (that exists in Badger community!).