Digg not working as intended?

I deposited into the Uniswap BTC/Digg SeTT about a month ago since which I have lost about 30% of the value of my deposit despite the USD value of Bitcoin today returning to approximately the price it was at when I initially deposited. Actually despite BTC rising 12% today Digg is still falling in value.

I have read through the posts on this topic and discussed this issue with mods on Discord yet I remain very troubled by this situation. It seems to me that the Digg peg is not working as stated on Badger, not only that but the apy which was in fact supposed to rise to incentivize hodling and depositing Digg has in fact gone down from ~100% to 67%.

I would appreciate knowing what is being done to correct the peg outright to bring it in line with the BTC price as well as what is being done as far as incentives like apy to encourage buying and holding of Digg?

My last point is to remind people we are not dealing with proven technologies and that despite appearances or claims- DIGG is very much an experiment- so you need to factor in that risk before buying or depositing it.

There has been tons of discussions here and in discord and on community calls on what to do about digg. Read through some of the recent threads to get a sense of what is in the works.