Digg Neglection

Early on Digg was receiving some badger emissions. There was a BIP that proposed to take away the Badger emissions and only have digg emissions for digg, but in that same proposal were peg based rewards for digg as well as a digg stability vault. There has been neglection of DIGG as their first product especially being a rebase token which has historically been difficult to deal with early on. That BIP proposal instantly took away badger emissions, but has no provided the other incentives to help digg. This decision imo has also led to potential early adopters fleeing digg into other protocols such as Klon and KBTC because they have the stability incentives prepared for their synthetic products.


I agree. I posted about this a few days ago but got crickets. Where is the community?

Mostly in the discord. People generally prefer realtime over blog posts.


lol yes the digg stability vault is needed but devs are taking long time not ready yet and this not helping lol but i dont see neglection just too much in hands and priorities shifting because working in claws and different products without stabilizing first the current ones lol same thing with the harvest sett not working and since badger started no harvest farm rewards distributed and then airdrop took long time too much at the same time they need to prioritize lol