Digg Available to Claim

Why is the value going down? A week a go I had 0.00030 then it went down to 0.00029, then to 0.00028, and now it sits at 0.00027. What is the deal?

Because the DIGG token rebases and it also applies to your rewards.

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So rebasing could basically make the Digg rewards go to 0? Got it

I’m still wondering about all this, i get the rebasing changes what is rewarded, but it also seems to change what is staked also, overall the value keeps dropping, what is the best way to add actual value to holding digg or any of it for that matter, as if it just devalues then the rewards for the other sets becomes a fruitless mission also. Just trying to understand why i have my funds tied up in this if the value just drops all the time, i have no real return on investment, so i must be missing something here as to the real value gained in all this???

In saying that i claimed some a few weeks ago because it kept dropping so i figured just take it for now, but now the sushi rewards are not available anymore, what’s the go there? I have staked Sushi LP’s???

In quantity, your balance constantly changing. But you always have the same ratio of total DIGG in circulation unless you trade them or something.

For liquidity pools, it is harder to keep track because in addition to DIGG rebasing there is also the IL thing. When the price of WBTC changes it affects the amount of your DIGG in the pool. I believe the rebasing affects it also.

The rewards of the SLP pool are somewhat of a mystery to me too. Docs say that some of it are invested into the pool again. Some you can see in the sett page, under the DIGG rewards, and there should be some sushi fee rewards (i think) which I cannot see anywhere.

But in the long term, the DIGG price should be equal to the BTC, so all this may make sense then…

I’m generally a bit confused on it all, i sort of get it all, but then i sort of don’t sometimes also. My overall value doesn’t seem to be going up, did early on when prices were up on the market but now digg and badger are down so it stays about the same for some time, as for the Sushi reward who knows it disappeared.

As long as the price of DIGG is less than BTC the supply will keep shrinking. Digg FAQ - Badger Finance


In the link above you can see your platform earnings, but I’m not sure if it reflects the Sushi reward, though.

It takes some time (I think I read 10 days or so) for the rebase to go through a cycle to help the digg price to catch up to peg price.

With this you just have to have patience really.

Yeah no worries guys, cheers

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About the Digg rewards.

for example:

Digg Available to Claim”

Is there any way to lay out the reward so people who are poor at mathematics don’t go thinking they have earned a great reward?
You know people will go paying huge ETH fees to find out they have earned pennies because they didn’t recognize the “e” for what it was.

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Have you found any explanation for the rewards? What is the breakdown on rewards when we see “e-5” at the end…