Current “How To Earn Yields on Your BTC” from A-Z

Is there a current tutorial which is easy to understand for ‘beginners’ who own BTC (& Badger, ETH) and who don’t have a a good working knowledge of the technical process but very much like to deposit safely in a good vault & earn yields? And do you think there are a lot of BTC hodlers out there who would do the same but do not know how to safely?
I do.

sure, great idea, but this isn’t necessarily a more the merrier type of situation here… the more people staking, the less the rewards are. this is more like fight club.

now if you have more people trading and borrowing, that’s a whole different ball game… that is the type of educational videos you should create, so all the LP’s can profit from it. =)

I thought that the more BTC deposited in Badger vaults would only help Badger overall in outpacing BlockFi & others in becoming the largest & best for BTC held, therefore making everything Badger ownership grow. Of course that would take at least minimal marketing to those who hold BTC and offering easy access, neither of which I see

eh? it already is better than blockfi…