Create Ethereum Airdrop for rewards claiming/staking


This is a simple proposal. It shall only be put into place for implementation if the proposal passes AND the admins deem it to…

A. Be possible to be implemented without hurting our system.
B. Help the system grow and run more efficiently.
C. Develop a more effective pool that generates a beneficial amount of lp liquidity growth and creates an easier reinvestment strategy.

Here goes.

I propose a pool/system/pot for generating rewards (in the form of ethereum airdrops) to Badgers who stake, using a specified portion of their autocompounding 50% or claimable rewards. This would be a way to release airdrops for the purpose of rewards claiming and deposit/staking back into lps. Badgers who accept to sacrifice a certain percentage of their daily auto compounded rewards, would agree to having them sold and transferred to Ethereum (And airdropped to them) to offset the costs associated with their claiming of rewards and reinvesting. Only applicants who requested or agreed to these terms would be integrated into the “system”. Each would agree to having some of their 50%, redistributed as ethereum within a certain period of time. Ie. Once a week.


Many times, the cost of simply releasing your 50% claimable rewards and reinvesting, can be pretty costly when you also have to deposit and stake. I propose a division to handle the auto conversion of a specified percentage of autocompounding rewards to be taken, sold, and transferred to ethereum. This would be rewarded back to the participating members without having them reload on ethereum to claim daily/weekly accumulated rewards.

Who would this help?

People who don’t always keep enough ethereum, or have enough, to reinvest their claimable rewards( instantly) that are sitting there since they may become sidelined by the higher fees for claiming/depositing/staking.

Why would it be beneficial to the ecosystem?

It would create a way for rewards to stack up for a week, while airdropping needed ethereum for purposes of claiming/depositing/staking. A system where people (investors) have less chances of worrying about having the amount needed for claiming rewards and simultaneously raising LP (faster or more effectively, if possible). It’s an assumption of mine that certain people don’t like to realize that they need to load more money into crypto to collect rewards and/or reinvest, because they’re stuck without ethereum after investing into the Badger Dao ecosystem. People would enjoy a more constant or effective strategy for building their positions into the lp while also helping amass a higher lp size, collectively. (In theory, lol) This or having it done automatically for them.


  1. 10% of auto compounding rewards go to a pot dedicated to ethereum fee re-allocation, to supply each participant or to the community as a whole. Once-a-day/week claimable reward with a low gas fee or airdrop (if possible).
  2. 20% of auto compounding rewards go to a pot dedicated to ethereum fee re-allocation, weekly, to supply each participant or to help the community as a whole. Once-a-day/week claimable reward with a low gas fee or airdrop (if possible).
  3. Use a portion of my autocompounding rewards (and maybe claimable rewards too) and take 10% off my cut to make my rewards airdropable.
  4. We’re all rich and don’t need any help claiming our rewards. Go back to the drawing board!
  5. IDC how, do It for me!
  6. Dream on…
  7. Find another way.

Disclaimer: I am not a coder so I don’t even know if it’s possible…Therefore, even if a vote is cast for any of the options that require a change, only the admins that know what they’re doing will decide if it is an appropriate action to take. Thank you.


Let’s discuss the possibility of something of this nature or similar. Thank you