Consuming BTC to protect defi

VC’s have slowly been accumulating btc over the last few years, overtime I believe this will continue and they will become the more dominant holders of the asset. Where they can start shifting btc to centralization (example legacy vs segwit where centralized exchanges all moved to segwit to reduce transaction fees using the mining power, this was great for the community but it was a centralized decision maker to implementation ). We need to create more strategies designed for consuming btc of the market, so we can have a decentralized representative in the future

Currently the largest btc holders are centralized exchanges I believe - Huobi, Binance, bitfinex
Any suggestions and comments are welcome

Badger has only been around for less than 2 months and already holds over a billion dollars worth of btc so I would say we are already moving quickly towards holding large amounts of btc or at least tokenized btc. Are you suggesting buying actual btc?

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I was talking about attracting btc deposits directly into badger, and I just realized there’s bBtc work in progress


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