Community Events and Tournaments

Hi Badgers!

Hope all is well and that everyone is keeping safe during the Covid19 Pandemic.

As many of you have seen I have been actively creating weekly community events. For many of us the Lock down during this Pandemic has been very hard and stressful. These events are a great way for community members to get together and handout online while strengthening the overall community vibe. These include Chess Tournaments and Poker Tournaments.

I am actively looking for suggestions and feedback from the community on the following:

  1. Are you happy with the overall Turnout?
  2. Aside from Chess and Poker, which other events can we easily create online?
  3. Would more users participate in our events if we had the Badger community offer prizes? These prizes could be NFTs, Badger, Digg or anything else that is suggested.

I’m not sure if the Community would support item 3 but I think giving users a incentive to join our events would greatly improve the overall successes of these events. In crypto a strong community is just as important as Memes :slight_smile:

What is nice about some of these events is that we can customize them for a more personalized touch. Please see the image from one of our Poker Tournaments with our Badger logo on each Poker table.

I have been part of SNX for over 2 years now and our chess club there has HUGE success! Each week there is close to $300.00 up for grabs. I personally think that is overly generous, but I would love to do something similar with Badger.

Please show your support and provide your feedback. If enough community members support the idea of community prizes for our events we can make it happen!

I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Thank you!



It is a great idea and I agree it has been very successful for SNX. It would be very nice to have something like that in Badger. You have my full support.

I don’t play chess myself but would love to learn though and potentially participate. Any good resource you might recommend to get started including some strategies?

Thanks for the Feedback and support! I would check out and Youtube for free lessons etc.

Do you play Poker?

I haven’t participated, but I know you’ve been doing these events here for a long time.

I will absolutely support a small allocation of Badger and/or Digg to be granted for these events. You would need to draft a formal BIP for it once you’re done brainstorming.

Awesome! Thank you so much for your support!

Why haven’t you come out to any of our events? Do you like Chess or Poker? Are there any other games you would like to see for our community events?

For me personally, it’s a matter of time management. I spend a considerable amount of energy in this space, the rest is allocated for work and family.

Well said! If you do find time we would love to see you come out and chill!

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Yes I do. I am not good at it but it is fun and would participate.

Glad you would participate! Thanks again for the positive feedback!

Whip, you’ve been a consistently positive force in organizing these community events and creating a space where Badgers can befriend other badgers. I’d also love to understand how we might help boost your initiatives! Hoping to hear from more Badgers on what might attract them

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lol this is gucci :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: great initiative will be great for community lol

I think more users would participate in our events if we had the Badger community offer prizes. These prizes could be NFTs, Badger, Digg or anything else that is suggested. Do you think we can make this happen? If so, what are the best steps to get this rolled out?

How many people have been participating? Would a few badger or a little bit of digg a week be sufficient to boost involvement you think? I agree community is very important and I think such a small amount could get approved at least on a trial basis. I haven’t attended because I’m usually asleep when it occurs.

We usually get around 16-20 Players on our Poker events and around 10-15 for Chess. Up until know I have been donating the prizes myself. This past Sunday I gave $50.00 worth of Bitcoin for the Poker Tournament.

I’m open to changing times so we can get more players. Ideally if we had $100 -$200 prizes I think the turnout would be huge.

Couldn’t this be something that you could work on with the Badger Council? They are in charge of approving grants for community things like this I believe.

Yes… I just wanted to start off with this thread to get a idea of members would not only appreciate this sort of thing, but support it too…

So far the Feedback seems positive.

Perhaps reach out to @VLK and see how the process goes. I don’t know if it’s straight to a BIP or a general presentation to the council.

Yeah. I am very much trying to figure out a way for the community to put forth small initiatives and get them moving.

You can watch my little experiment with BIP-55.

Another good option may be to just submit a community grant to the council here: Community Grant Application

You can read more about community grants in It’s not a perfect match, but you could just ask for the money for your time/effort spent on making this happen and then use that to fund some rewards. Maybe better if someone else submits it. You could also just submit the grant anyway for a bit of Badger for your game and see what happens.

IMO the grant process, as well as the BIP process, is stale and underused. Both should be tested and further explored.