Community Event NFT Idea

Hey all,
I was looking through projects on Grants | Gitcoin . I know that there has been a lot of talk among the community about creating Badger NFTs and I came across this dapp 💰 POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) | Grants | Gitcoin It airdrops NFTs to people to verify their attendance at an event. I think its a really cool idea, but I was thinking we could do some kind of event or something and distribute NFT’s that way. It could act as a way to ensure any bonus rewards associated with having one or more of these event NFTs would be going to people who are more active in the community and governance voting etc. Just a penny for thoughts.

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Could definitely help get the name out there more. It’s a way to roll out any potential future Badger NFT’s in a way that rewards the active community and supports one of the projects from the grants program on gitcoin.

lol i love poap and they work also on l2 (xdai) and i think a badger batch for example for participation in governance or gitcoin donations or other community activities that gets you a small boost on apy could be neat lol