Clubhouse town hall meetings - Terrible platform

I’d like to be involved in the weekly townhall meetings.
I’d like to be there live and ask questions.
I’m sure many Badgers would like to.

However I have no invite to Clubhouse platform, and even if I did, I own an Android phone.

Why are vital Badger discussions taking place on a platform that excludes so many ? Why would anyone think this this level of exclusion is acceptable ?


These issues have been brought up within the team (huge discussion yesterday), they are fully aware of the exact things you bring up, and solutions are being worked on to be more inclusive (like offering transcripts in multiple languages and offering a way to propose questions in realtime from outside of the platform), while still taking advantage of the marketing opportunity that CH offers.

One thing to note is that this is just one of many platforms that are used. For example, you’ve got this forum, twitter, discord, etc… and at the end of the day, CH is just another one. Albeit more exclusive, which I agree with you, is pretty lame in this day of decentralization.

All that said, at the end of the day, rest assured, you’re really not missing out on that much. I personally deleted clubhouse and won’t participate in it.


I think the “horrible platform” description is a bit over the top. I understand it doesn’t work for everyone but there’s so many updates+info on discord and here as well. I don’t think the team is excluding anyone.