Changing bBadger back to Badger

Hello friends, I am having slight confusion on how to change my bBadger back to badger. I unstaked the Badger that I have previously staked. Now it is showing up in my metamask as bBadger. What additional step do I take so that my metamask wallet shows the entire balance in Badger? Also, does “Approve bBADGER spend limit” in the attached screenshot mean I have only unstaked and again have to do a separate transaction to withdraw? I have also attached a screenshot for the sake of convenience.

Any response is appreciated.

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Yes, it’s a separate transaction to withdraw. You can find it in the same tab where you unstaked.

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Thanks brother! The transaction fees are insane though close to $100 lol.

Out of mere curiosity, is it possible that Badger DAO will be able to move to a different blockchain such as Cardano or Polkadot in the future if Community is for it? I am not aware of the technical hurdles that this entails but I believe we will be better off in other blockchains in terms of creating more user value.

It’s possible that we will apply our protocol on other chains, yes.

As for your bBadger, it is currently earning a portion of the apy you see on the app and soon, staking will not be required. If you just want to sell your Badger then go ahead, but if you want to hold, I suggest you don’t unwrap it right now.

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I am holding my Badger for the long term because I support the community first ethos of the project as well as the strong tokenomics. I just wanted to play around with the technical stuff for my own knowledge. It’s just that the activities that I want to perform in the app are limited by the high gas fees.

Thanks for your prompt reply though!

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