Change my Mind: How is Badger not just old rum in new bottle

I have been in the discord for quite sometime. The community and proposals are working great. The UX on the website is amazing.I have bought some $BADGER and put it into the staking set. I am personally excited about DeFi and its potential.

Despite this, I somehow fail to understand that how is Badger different from all the “Farming” tokens out there that keep trying to shuffle APYs in a bid to establish some from of circular economy.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is making wesbiste, telegram groups and discord with similar ideas. How does Badger actually seek to generate value except this tried and I would say, failed method.

Sorry if my post shows a lack of understanding. I am asking the community as to what value do they see from a farming ecosystem except a elaborate and sort of geeky MLM/ Ponzi scheme??

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Most farming is purely focused on getting the most yield. Badger is focused on bridging and incentivizing the creation of new yield strategies around BTC on Ethereum. If successful, badger will have a huge impact on the entire defi ecosystem. In my mind, it is this focus that differentiates it from all other farming.


Pioneers usually outperform.

Bitcoin being the pioneer of a digital store of value, and Ethereum being the pioneer in smart contracts go along very well. That’s why building and making both of these assets interoperable is why badger is a game changer as badger is the pioneer in bringing bitcoin to defi. This will keep being attractive for many btc holders and in turn, help the badger ecosystem grow.

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So you’ll be able to stake unwrapped bitcoin? Quite new to :badger:

FYI: There are a few other projects that have successfully bought DeFi to BTC. One in particular uses ETH and BTC to strengthen the security of its blockchain. Staking, lending, borrowing, trading, etc. It’s a pretty awesome project. BADGER DAO is certainly not the pioneer of bringing BTC to DeFi. Hoping the BADGER team, community and the project continue their progress in the DeFi space. Perhaps all of the BTC DeFi projects can join forces and push ETH and BTC to the moon and beyond. That would be awesome :star_struck: