Bridging some gaps in the Badger ecosystem

Hello Fellow Badgers,

I’m glad to finally have success with the forum sign up as I didn’t have any luck with my previous attempts early last week. I attended Badger’s Clubhouse town hall meeting and I believe it was Jon who mentioned that Badger is looking for people to help manage projects at a high level. Essentially, working as a conduit to the community and making sure stuff is being shipped that is cohesive in direction. It was also reassuring when Frog jumped in and clarified that you don’t have to be a power user, you just have to show initiative to go and learn about it, as I admittedly fall into this category.

Since Badger’s inception, a friend of mine has been “badgering” (I know, bad pun) me to move into the DeFi space and take a look at Badger. I’m glad I finally took this person’s advice and dived in. Badger’s use case - creating bitcoin banking solutions that serve as a one stop shop for bridging, borrowing, yielding, swapping, and a range of other financial products built around bitcoin in a decentralized and increasingly trustless manner, is incredible.

2 areas jumped out at me that I can immediately add value to:

  1. Creating educational material.

I see this as a 1-2 punch to educate myself and help bring this to life. I know this is already being worked on and have no intention of stepping on anyone’s toes with my following thoughts/questions:

  • This is a legit brand building opportunity and Badger is off to a great start with links on the homepage taking people to Badger’s Medium to learn more. I eventually see this material being helpful to onboard people into DeFi in general and helping them understand how all of the lego blocks fit together. Have you thought about what you want the educational resource to be called? Building off the Badger theme, the education hub could be called the Badger Mustelid (the family of animals the badger belongs to) - the go to source for learning about Badger and the broader DeFi ecosystem.

  • Are you planning on hosting future educational material on Medium, your forum, or eventually

  • I see that is a WordPress site. There are a handful of plugins that allow you to add a wiki component to your site. Have you considered doing this? Do you have a person/people that can do this for you?

  • On your educational material hub, will you be linking out to content on other reputable/partner websites, writing all new original content, or a mixture of both?

  • What’s your process for deciding what should be covered and sourcing content?

  • How can I get involved? Should I reach out to jbeast100?

  1. Creating some sort of Badger incubator

I know this is in very early stages, but would love an opportunity to help think through this process with the Badger community. I have experience acting as the conduit between organizations in this setting and think it’s awesome that Badger is looking to grow, acquire, and/ or invest in external opportunities.

My background:

I work for a prominent business incubator/accelerator in the US Midwest. I lead startup scouting, due diligence, and project management for corporate venture capital deal flows and accelerator programming. I also moonlight as a senior digital strategist for a boutique consulting firm that helps corporate & nonprofit organizations develop successful websites, mobile apps and integrated digital marketing programs that are elegant, cost-effective & easy to implement.

TL;DR; I have a transferable skill set in project management, strategic relationships, and digital strategy. I think I’d be well suited to act as a liaison between the community builders and team to push projects along. I’m going to continue stepping up as I continue to learn. Just want to make my presence known and get involved.


Welcome to the Badger!