Bought Badger at 50 USDT, total of 400 USDT. Can I do something except hodling?

Hi all,
I bought some Badgers from Binance at 50 usdt, can I stake or farm them or just to hodl them? Any advise will be appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Withdraw from Binance and you can do whatever you want with them.

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What is the best option to earn from them?
Stake them?

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This isn’t really an investment advice forum. =) What is ‘best’ is really up to you.

very helpful…

lol badger is a governance token so you can use to vote as most governance tokens but in future revenue will be shared there are currently staking or lp incentives you need to choose what is best for you lol


i staked mine. I do think it would do better if you stake them

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Tx any good tutorial around how to do it?

Just to let everybody know: I am trying now to withdraw my funds to my metamask wallet. They are asking 30$ for it.
I promiss you, I`ll do my best to speak true about Badger.
With all screenshots, expenses, and possible perspectives.
Tutorial!.. There is only one tutorial - stay away from it!

For staking Badger, you have to pay around 60$ for several (5) transactions, and same amount to withdraw funds .
And those guys just say: oops, it is because ETH transactions are so expensive, and we build our system on ETH… so it is not our fault, only Etherium…

the ones I know about where from badger v1, right now gas is okay so now would be a good time but all you do is

  1. have badger in your metamask wallet
  2. go to
  3. Click on ‘Badger’ - then click on ‘deposit’- then select how much of your badger you would want to deposit 50% or 100% - then after you have deposited, you can click on’stake’ tab and select how much you want to stake of it.

It should be only 2 txns. 1 txn to deposit and the 2nd txn to stake, at current gas prices it might be like 40$ to do each txn.

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You went through all the transactions to invest in Badger and send it to your wallet and somehow didn’t notice that it costs money to perform transactions on Ethereum [sic]. Most people ask these sorts of questions before they invest in something and now you’re trying to blame others for your own lack of understanding. There are plenty of tutorials on the net about ETH and gas, highly suggest that you do your own research.

“Click on ‘Badger’ - then click on ‘deposit’- then select how much of your badger you would want to deposit 50% or 100% - then after you have deposited, you can click on’stake’ tab and select how much you want to stake of it”
Tell me, what is the importance to divide into 2 parts what could be done at once? Why am I have to firsly deposit my tokens into, when I already owning Badger tokens (it means I ve already invested into Badger system). If I am transfering Badger tokens to - it means it is for staking, cause there are no other options, for deposited tokens! But no, firstly I have to deposit it (pay for smart contract for letting to get access to Badger tokens in your wallet, than pay for depositing token). And than I have to stake it (pay for smart contract for letting to get access to bBadger tokens in your wallet, and than pay for staking). Four transactions on entering (and another one to charge your Metamask wallet with tokens from Binance). And 2+1 transactions on leaving!

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And the main issue - is that while using such expensive network like ETH, with such big commissions, Badger gives so small daily income for invested funds (I could compare it with staking BTCST tokens, where for invested 1000$ I got revenue 1.5$/day. There, at Badger, it is around 0.45$, and mind this entering fees !

I dont know , I didnt set up the flow but I imagine security reasons.

Btw, I wonder also - if I only deposit Badger tokens from metamask wallet into, but not stake it - will this deposited tokens gains some profit?

They aren’t commissions. It is the cost to execute a transaction and that cost is not relative to the price value of the transaction, which is where you’re upset. If you were doing a transaction of $100k, then $30 is no big deal… just a rounding error. But the same transaction for $1k is still costing you $30.

ETH is the largest and most widely known network next to BTC. It is by far the most secure network out there and has billions of dollars of value riding on it and trillions of transactional value executed. It has all the market and mind share. That is why Badger uses it.

Would you prefer that Badger use some no-name network with questionable security and centralization? No sane person would answer yes to that question. But, that said, there is a lot of people who would like Badger to support other networks and the team is considering it and looking into it. They just aren’t there today.

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I dont think so. It has to be staked to get the apr

yes just having it deposited you will get yield. Staking gives you extra.

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I just try to withdraw my funds. Wasted 30$, for failed transaction. Got message "Fail with error ‘SafeERC20: low-level call failed’.
I wonder that it happens right after you post your reply about ETH network security - it is expensive, but it is secure, and that is the most important when you are working with money.
You are right - ETH is secure, and the transaction fails not because of ETH issue