BIP106 - Community Council Elections

@hash_error has resigned from the community council

@Tritium and @pscoolidge have been nominated as replacements

Feedback welcomed here on each of the new candidates and any others who would like to be considered.


Greetings-- I have been involved in crypto since ~2016 and very involved since early 2018, particularly giving legal and regulatory advice to all types of projects and different operators in the space. My interest in being on the community council is to get a more detailed understanding of what BadgerDAO is considering and to give objective thoughts on proposals based on my experience in law, technology, and business. Also to engage in conversations with others who are involved and have constructive dialogs. In general I am interested in the conditions for broader use of crypto/DeFi in everyday life among more people, which I think is important for these technologies and practices to reach their full potential.


Hey All,

I was a member of the Badger Core team for a number of years. During that time I did a little bit of everything. During my final time at Badger, I was focused on the influence markets and did the whole Project Gravity thing with bveCVX and graviAURA.

My real passion in Web3 is DAOism. As we were trying to bring gravity to market, there was a lot of internal pressure from leadership to focus on other things, and it was always a fight to get resources. Further, launching graviAURA brought be close to the Balancer Ecosystem and made me realize that there was more opportunity to explore what I was working on in the Balancer Ecosystem.

Since leaving Badger, the DAO has risen up to take back control of the direction a bit, and a number of leaders that I found problematic have left.

While I’m busy working with Balancer, I’d be delighted to help steer the direction of BadgerDAO, and perhaps bring some of my strategic thinking and network in DeFi to the table.

I can’t commit my undying loyalty to Badger, this demand was perhaps one of the reasons I left. My heart is with this community though. BadgerDAO really brought me into Web3, and I’d love to continue working with whoever is around to see where it can go.


Why did @hash_error resign?

Also what’s the structure of the nomination process?


Good questions, and looking forward to the answers

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afaik all candidates will just end up on a snapshot voting list, most votes wins

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gotcha tyvm. Another quick question how are the candidates picked/nominated?

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they voluntarily step forward or get suggested by a community member. open for all

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DAO seems at a point where it’s feels like proper checks and balances to support/protect $BADGER token holders governance rights are in place and under good stewardship.

Time has come in my journey to reacquaint myself with my other passions - shitposting and trolling trolls.

Always a badger.


Exactly I keep asking that also