BIP-86: Change and ratify Badger Council Membership

Category: Governance 2.0 (community)

Status: Pending

Scope: Change members of the Badger Council

Tl;Dr: This BIP involves changing membership to the Badger Council to include a higher proportion of community members outside the core team and invites Commander Freddy, Vipes and Yafeh to get more involved in decision-making and community representation at Badger. The Badger Council is responsible for ratifying on issues the team does not think requires governance, or determining that they should go to BIP. The council should also take more responsibility for connecting the community with governance.

The Badger Council has become imbalanced with the core team now composing its majority. Thus far the council’s primary function has been to serve as a gated approver for various requests originating from the core team. Considering core team is the requestor for most council actions it seems a conflict to have the approving body consist of majority core team as well. This vote request is to restore the council to a majority community members.

At present council is
Team: 1500, Blackbear, Mason, Tritium
Community: Ethkey, Hash, Frog

Proposal for vote is to take the following actions.

  1. Modify council makeup by
  • Accepting Blackbear, Mason, Defi Frog and Tritium’s resignations
  • Accepting nominations of Mitche50, Freddy, Prince Tok and Vipes as replacements
  • Accepting Yafeh as an alternate. (alternate’s vote will count IF any 1 of 7 council members fails to vote on any item brought before the council).
  1. Require a BIP to
  • Ratify the modification to council members as stated above
  • Ensure language is included that community has the right to call an election of new council members via BIP at any time prior to governance 2.0 if the community feels compelled (council may not block this call for BIP if the time comes).

No changes will be enacted until such time the ratification BIP is concluded.

BadgerDAO has been talking for a long time about Governance 2.0 and the evolution of our decision making. The new council is challenged to put a BIP together to lay-out clearly their own responsibility and welcomes them to build in a stipend for themselves.

The council has voted in favour of the motion with 0 dissenting votes. So it is now up to Badger HODLers to ratify this action:

Do you approve changing the council membership as laid out in this BIP?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Note that this BIP was just modified as @DeFiFrog also resigned from the council to make way for more active members. @Prince_T0k was added to replace him. Here is the council governance around this: