BIP 84: DIGG Boost Restoration

Scope: Restore boost to DIGG holders affected in the exploit

Objective: Obtain approval to mint 52.94 remDIGG as a means to restore boost to DIGG holders affected in the exploit.

Category: Other


A total of 52.94 Digg were taken in the exploit that took place on December 2nd, 2021. In addition to losing funds, affected users have been unable to benefit from Badger Boost, reducing the overall potential earnings on their non-native assets. Badgers who lost DIGG/wBTC LP tokens will receive RemDIGG for their lost DIGG portion, and the lost wBTC will be included in the other non-native restitution laid out in BIP-80.


This BIP proposes that we mint 52.94 remDIGG and gives them back to affected users at a 1:1 ratio ie. 1 remDIGG=1 DIGG. For the time being, remDIGG’s only purpose will be to restore boost to affected users.

Boost will be adjusted to count 1 RemDIGG as having the same boost value as 1 DIGG.

Approve the minting and distribution of 52.94 remDIGG to affected DIGG holders:

  • Yes
  • No

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It seems reasonable and proper to make things up for Digg users in a similar (albeit somewhat different) way as we have with other assets.


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Don’t mind me, I cannot vote because it is not a priority to restore my voting rights, so I can just signal whatever I want to help reach quorum.

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I have voted yes to this. Its only fair