BIP 8: Confirm DIGG Distribution

Does Hunt count for EARNED badger tree so far?

I’m excited about the launch of diggs. You guys did a great job!!! :badger:

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I like the vesting idea, although 8 weeks seems too much to me, especially in the world of crypto where everything can change in a day.

The rest looks good.

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My back of envelope, please correct me if wrong:

If airdrop is 15% of 6250 ie. 937 DIGG = BTC.

Approximately 1.8 million BADGER will have been distributed after 3 weeks.

So on average before square root, every 2000 BADGER farmed should earn you 1 DIGG bitcoin. With square root function whales will get a lot less than 1 DIGG / 2000 BADGER, but shrimp a lot more.

I may be wrong.


Doesn’t the square root function penalize whales who hold everything in one wallet instead of breaking down their positions into several smaller wallets? Seems a linear approach is much better to not disproportionately penalize whales who choose to hold everything in one wallet for supporting the project.

Loved the concept to airdrop based on the badger earned, out of box thinking and most importantly keeping whales at check, waiting for the launch, Good Job Team


So noone has an answer for how much digg we get per rewarded?

If airdrop is vested over 8 weeks. the market size before first rebase will be tiny?

15% Airdrop is 925 DIGG. If 8 week vesting then only 20 DIGG airdropped first day… ?? Which would lead to massive rebase. I assume the unvested DIGG also get rebased ?


High supply just means the price will be lower, so your “max airdrop” doesn’t make any sense.

Have a lower supply and higher price is more better optics IMO. High supply coins are great for small TXes, but for DIGG it makes sense to have lower supply, more similar to YFI.


What do you mean, I am under the understanding DIGG is pegged to BTC… am I wrong? @HootSuiteRiot

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like the parameters, respect for team :badger:

Given the team have a Badger allocation I think the digg should be vested over a longer period than one year. Is that unfair?

Unfortunately vesting the airdrop doesn’t make sense as we need it in circulation ASAP to aid in price and liquidity.

Id have a mid range market cap for the negative rebase issue.

Great work.


Im surprised there was a lack of votes for the smaller initial release. because this token rebases, the more we constrain the supply initially the more likely it is we see a price increase and a positive rebase. urdge people to consider voting for 1562.5 aka the 31M USD market cap


it is loosly pegged via a rebase

I am concerned that all those people that just dumped the $Badger tokens will still get $DIGG. It does not show the same loyalty to those that have supported the project even through the massive slide in price. Some of us believe in the project and I believe that those should be compensated similar to the loyalty that they have shown


good distribution~ look forward to the launch of digg

I agree with this submission, “vested digg is a good idea to reduce dumping”

We should consider those that keep holding as the captains who don’t go out of the boat when there’s storm. I think holders in these days after publicising the parameters are the true believers and should be rewarded as such.


RE: Airdrop Vesting.

I can’t vote either way on this one as it heavily depends on another part of the distribution: the farming rewards.

I would try to optimize for similar conditions for farmers and airdrop receivers.

That said, I like vesting both the farming and the airdrop rewards.
Maybe 8 weeks for airdrop and 4 weeks for farming rewards would be reasonable?

Vesting could buy us time to introduce the Setts that would serve as price stabilizers for when the rewards hit the market.

If there’s no way to introduce vesting for the farmers, I would probably vote for a smaller time frame for airdrop vesting.


I also like the proposal in general. But second that opinion. I put all my earned Badger into NFT mining and would be great if that’d be taken into account.