BIP 8: Confirm DIGG Distribution

I don’t think the airdrop should be vested over 8 weeks because then how do we use our digg to provide liquidity?? Probably best to vote no If people want to be able to invest their digg back into a sett…right? How do we work around that?


Brilliant way to distribute. I will likely vote yes shortly, just gonna take some time to think and make sure I understand everything correctly.


I like it! Let it rip!

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Please keep the 8 weeks! Voted!


But it would be even great should you consider the people who un-staked the Badger and participated in MEME’s NFT mining


Definitely voting 6250 supply, Gotta get that max airdrop!


I voted against vesting and for max cap.
Engineering artificial scarcity has never worked. If there’s no real use and demand for token it will sooner or later go to zero. I am a libertarian; let market participants decide.

It will be an interesting experiment. Glad to be part of this! Thanks team and good luck to us all.


and 1 more thing are those gonna reward those already sold , that are currently dumping at us ? i think if they are out of the list will be better , cause they will take the airdrop and dump at us again
, cause the count is on , the amount of badger u recieve sqroot , so maybe so of those they already sold it

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I like the proposal however it is unclear if vesting tokens will also be able to farm (earn rewards). I think they should (this will also help incentivize longer term holders and discourage dumping).


i have bought badgers on uniswap, can i get airdrop?

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Those who sold are gonna lose ground to those who stayed in. I am fine with them getting a little something.

If you stake them you will likely get some airdrop.

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Im positive about square root of BADGER EARNED , i only miss a drop for those who choose to farm MEME’S.

those who sold the badger also can get airdrop?

What if they sold for staking on another set? Or to buy Badger-cover. They did contribute, unfair to exclude them imo.


If I ask nicely, can I get moar?

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Cómo puedo ganar parte de estos tokens que se piensa distribuir ?

Agree, out of vested interest since I am staking bBadger for those. Team to clarify if the NFTs (will) have any actual utility such as apy boost other than being a collector’s item.


Can someone run through an example?

Say you staked 1000 Badger and have earned 30 Badger in claimable, and 30 badger reinvested.

You now have 1030 Badger staking and 30 badger in claimable.

How much Digg will you get? sqrt(60) = 7.75 Digg or sqrt(30) = 5.48 Digg?

And isn’t Digg tied to BTC, 5 Digg is like 110K USD – someone clarify please.

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It’s good to hear that
Let’s distributed them !!