BIP-56[withdrawn]: Clearly show withdraw fees and risk warning on badger dapp

Category: DAPP
Scope: Simple changes to copy on website
Status: Pending
Objective: Consider more transparency around risk and fees

TLDR; 1-3 Should we make our withdraw fees more transparent and include a clear risk warning with a link to good copy describing the risks of Badger and DeFi.


As Badger opens our bridge and our new vault, we seek to appeal to a new kind of user who is new to DeFi. DeFi users understand the ecosystem a bit and how it works and know to either do research or suffer Ape tax like withdraw fees and occasional rug-pulls or hacks. Bitcoin bridge users are not the same bread. As these users join us, we should be fully transparent about the fees and risks of using our protocol.


If the risk portion of this BIP is approved allocate 150 badger for a contest on who can write the best risk copy.


We can definitely chat with @jintao and @mitche50 about changing wording or adding to the UI based on this feedback, but I don’t believe this requires a BIP or 150 Badger to change text. Thanks for raising the feedback and looking forward to community responses on whether folks would like to allocate $6k for the BIP.

The bounty was for very detailed risk copy helping newcommers to DeFi understand the risks, not for changing the API on the website, but glad it’s solved and I don’t think the risk document thing is such a big deal now, but we should consider it.

I hereby withdraw this BIP as the fees issue seems to be moved up in the backlog and the risk conversation is not a big thing in our community right now. This BIP was written to represent them.

On a note about bounties. We have 12 million badger in the treasury, and has been aptly pointed out in almost every BIP our team is making “$1 mllion dollars a year.” NO comment as to the accuracy of that, but the team is well paid.

Giving a sweet bounty to people who are coming to do and show high quality work to badger for the first time is the right thing to do.

This is a better conversation for my Bounty BIP. You are welcome to review the bounties, and the amounts promised, and the work done, and we can discuss if I am being responsible.