BIP 54: Grants Month 5

Category: Governance

Scope: Distribute grants for Month 5


  • Outline Month 5 General Contributors and proposed grant amounts
  • Describe the ongoing responsibilities of those receiving recurring grants


This proposal will lay out Retroactive Grants for April 2021 as well as the rates by which recurring contributors will be paid for the work rendered this past month. Each contributor is named along with the function to which they contributed, the amount of their grant, and their specific contribution. As always, General Contributors are compensated in $BADGER from the treasury.


Retroactive Grants

The following General Contributors worked on a more project-style basis.

Name Function Amount Contribution
cookies #4969 Development 25 Programming bots
Gabs#0291 Operations 25 Enter the Badger video editing
getdown#4638 Development 25 AWS infrastructure redesign & IaC
hyment#1402 Support 75 Community support
kilogold#7310 Development 50 BSC Bridge Faucet proof-of-concept/deployment
plug#5346 Development 50 Building execution environment

Recurring Contributors

The amounts set forth here are based upon time commitment of each General Contributor during April.

Name Function Amount Contribution
Affax#0001 Development 125 Building Bridge UI and smart contracts
andy8052/DrApplesauce Advisory 100 Member of smart contract advisory board
Arben Advisory 200 Strategic advisor, including institutional expansion, business development, legal, and infrastructure security
armitage#7549 Development 150 Badgerdex scoping
ETHAUDIT Advisory 100 Member of smart contract advisory board
ethkaneki#7128 Development 200 API features and improvement
ewok #6735 Development 250 Devops, Onboarding, Architecture Planning, Troubleshooting
Faces#5567 Development 100 Project management
flex#6512 Development 250 Designed BadgerERC1155, repaired test suite for badger-system, fixed BSC fork mode, proposed revision to contributing guidelines, collaborated with bdex team, worked on QA for yearn-test
freewhol€z Advisory 200 Strategic advisor, including institutional expansion, business development, legal, and infrastructure security (On retainer basis for legal services to be charged hourly)
Ingalandia#9826 Operations 100 Content and marketing lead
Kerthmash#2764 Development 250 AWS reorganization
Lipp Operations 150 Project management and organizational advisory
Richard Advisory 200 Strategic advisor, including institutional expansion, business development, legal, and infrastructure security
saj#8488 Development 250 Fullstack QA
Sam122 Advisory 100 Member of smart contract advisory board
Tritium - VLK Development 250 BSC Bridge Faucet Proof-of-Concept/Deployment
U.S.V Advisory 200 Strategic advisor, including institutional expansion, business development, legal, and infrastructure security
WARR!0R#0466 Development 50 v2-UI front-end repo Operations 200 Events, marketing strategy, and product marketing lead


Name Amount Role
blackbear#4259 125 Head of Support
Kryptobi 75 Member of Support team
sp7290#4859 75 Member of Support team
hyment#1402 75 Support team voluntary assist

Total $BADGER Allocation for month 5 = 4025 $BADGER

Vote “For” if in favor of the proposed Month 5 grants and vote “Against” if not in favor.

  • For
  • Against

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This looks awesome - thanks @j.audefi.

I want to also suggest we edit the BIP and add Hyment for retroactive month of April for 75 badger (paid now) and continuing into May for 75 badger (paid at end of May assuming continued contributions) for his tremendous help jumping in and supporting the Support team in the Discord.

Will be posting the BIP on announcements soon for folks from discord to come and chime in.


Hyment works his tail off! i wouldn’t have believed it that he wasn’t already on the support team. really like to see this add Mr Frog.


Unfortunately you can only vote yes or no in full. I would have voted yes, except for the fact that a member of the council appointed by the community shouldn’t be also receiving grants, because this for me is a conflict of interest and would not show independence in their council votes. Either contribute to the project or be in the council, but not both.

I’ve thought about that too. At the moment I am being paid as a contributor, not a core team member. The council is also not a paid posistion. As I start doing more and more, I wonder if I should step down. I also somehow feel that it is @blackbear and I who are the only ones really close to the community and focusing on bridging the gap. If it is decided there is a conflict of interest, I’d like to find someone who will be active and take my place. If it were to me to appoint my successor, it would be @hash_error, another very active member of our community who always takes the time for people.

I’m putting all my time in for Badger now, and enjoying it, and doing more for the DAO than I would on the council. If the community thinks there is a conflict of interest here, I will step down.

I brought up in the council chambers yesterday, that the council is in general too far from the community and comparatively maybe a little too close to the team.

I would kindly ask you to approve this BIP, and file another one if you think we should reconsider who is on the Council. I don’t think it is a bad idea.

I think the community would be very foolish to remove @blackbear. He is the head of support, and the voice of the people, and he understands and represents the community well.

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I would vote for hash_error to be a council member. Don’t know where that put him tho, as he’s currently an ambassador. Guess both roles are similar.

It seems like in the end, there are a handful of people who are very involved in a positive way in our community. These people tend to end up bouncing around between multiple posistion.

I hope this isn’t always the case. not sure Hash_error even wants it :wink:

Thank you for your honest reply. I have always supported fair compensation for people contributing directly to the project and in that regard I would vote for in snapshot.

I do value your contributions to Badger and the community in all aspects and it is nothing personal. The council has both members appointed by the team, and members appointed or voted by the community (that sometimes can be a counter-weight). Thus I feel that if a community appointed member is also contributing and receives grants (being paid by the team), then this might be seen the wrong way or lead to conflict of interest. Are they really representing the community, or the team? Hope you see my point.

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I too am very conscious of that. I just wonder if a totally unpaid council who is not really engaged with the team makes the best group of people to deliberate on things.

In my mind this divide between the community and the team is the worst thing a DAO could ever have. I hate this thinking, and I am working very very very hard without even sleeping enough to try to change it. You see me pushing on the community every day to focus on productive things and help build. You see me posting bounties and finding members of our community who want to do work and bringing them into the team. I also spend a lot of time with each one of them making sure they find their way and connect with the right people to make things happen.
I’m doing the same thing on the other side of our unfortunate divide. I post links to messages our community discord all the time in dev channels pointing out areas of user friction. In team meetings, I am constantly the voice of the community and the user. We need to come together, to build together. The people who are committed to badger should be part of the team, because they should be building with us, and these are the people you want on the council.

Maybe they should be re-elected every 3-6 months so the community can continue to choose people who represent them, and so new badgers who aren’t involved yet have a foot in the door. This I very much agree with.

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Wait till MoMoMo goes off in the discord. LOL…I’m voting yes, keep delivering y’all!!

lol pure simulation this governance lol