BIP 52: #wenCLAWS Token Design Contest

Category: Other

Scope: Select the winning design for the new $CLAWS token.

Status: Pending

• Share the Top 10 token designs with the community
• Ratify them to then be placed into snapshot


In partnership with our good friends at UMA protocol, the Badger team launched a token design contest to help determine what our new “collateralized asset” CLAWS will look like.

The competition ran for (10) days, commencing on Monday April 5th, ending on Wednesday April 14th at 11:59PM UTC.

Prize structure:

1st Prize: $500 in $BADGER tokens and 50 [UMA uTVL KPI Options]

3 Runners Up: $150 in $BADGER tokens and 15 [UMA uTVL KPI Options]


Members of the Badger and UMA teams collectively selected the Top 10 designs and with this proposal, aim to ratify them to then be placed into snapshot. If this BIP receives majority support (> 40 votes for), we will place the ballot into snapshot, and the Community will then be tasked with voting for their favourite submission. The entry with the most votes will be declared the winner with those who place 2nd-4th receiving the runner up prize. The following Top 10 were selected for community vote.

In no particular order:

  1. Copy of @amirjaffari

  2. Copy of @girindra09 (1)

  3. Copy of @heyneel

6.Copy of @JeanPau98966102

  1. Copy of @namemeun (4)

  2. Copy of @R00001ndom (3)

  3. Copy of @Yessireml (1)


Once ratified, the Top 10 will go to vote. Following the vote, we will announce the winners, collect wallet addresses and engage the multisig for payout.

  • For
  • Against

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#2 and #9 <3 - looking forward to seeing which one gets selected.

Probably 6 is more likely but 2 and 6…

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Did we go back to the creator of number 1 to see if they would fix the alignment error? It was highlighted on twitter some time ago.

#1 #5 look forward to

Me gusta el #6 esperemos quien gana

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There are a few good ones, and some not that good. Were those really the top 10?

Number 4 looks good, seems apt

Number 1 looks good.

Like #6 and # 10 :+1:

like #7 and #10 :+1:

#2 is the one my favorite

Number 1 or 5 are close enough to the Badger branding to make Claw recognisably part of the Badger ecosystem.

If I had to choose between the two I would go for 5; C shape is better and the pointed claws are a nice touch.

Yikes, I hope #9 doesn’t win. Looks like a bunch of sperm eating a donut or holding on for dear life under a parachute :nauseated_face:

2 4 ist good logos for you

Voted . Txs for your good contest .