BIP 39: bBADGER/ETH & bDIGG/ETH Sushi Pool Proposal

Category: Treasury Management

Scope: Utilize the treasury’s $bDIGG, $bBADGER, and $ETH to start bBADGER/ETH & bDIGG/ETH pools on to further promote bBADGER and bDIGG use in the DeFi stack.

Status: Accepted


To further add utility for bBADGER and bDIGG we would like to propose using a portion of the bDIGG, bBADGER, and ETH that the treasury holds on seeding bBADGER/ETH & bDIGG/ETH pools on The immediate use cases of this would be to further integrate bDIGG and bBADGER into DeFi protocols like Unit Protocol (, a decentralized protocol that allows you to mint stablecoin $USDP using a variety of tokens as collateral. These pools would let the price oracles for these platforms measure bBadger and bDigg, a necessary step for Unit Protocol integration.

This can allow Badger users to access additional yield through minting $USDP and utilizing it in DeFi apps like pools for CRV rewards, pools, etc. This also opens doors to many other potential opportunities for users with more protocols and applications integrating and utilizing the pools and earning $SUSHI via the Onsen program. This may also pave further steps for the upcoming backstop fund.


  • Onsen Rewards from Sushi Pools for the treasury
  • Accesses to market opportunities like utilizing $USDP while retaining your bBADGER & bDIGG positions
  • Use of borrowed USDP in DeFi applications
  • Unite the Pink Ducks and Badgers

How does it work?

  • User goes to and chooses bBADGER or bDIGG as Collateral
  • User Opens CDP by Depositing collateral and Borrowing USDP
  • The health factor is adjusted on a sliding scale to a level each user is comfortable with before executing

Disclosure: uses the price feed data from Sushiswap via Keep3r.

In particular, it means that bDIGG price feed that will determine whether a position gets liquidated or not, will be based on the time-weighted average price (TWAP) on Sushi bDIGG/ETH pair. That TWAP will be taken from the most fresh dot in the 1.5-2.5 hours range provided by the Sushiquote.


The pools should be seeded with ~ $500k in each pool to provide the basic level of liquidity needed for the oracle.


Upon passing snapshot the core team can use the $1 Million worth of Badger and DIGG from treasury to seed the bBADGER/ETH & bDIGG/ETH pools on

Seed the pools!
  • Yes
  • No

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It would be nice if all treasury fujnds could stay in the same wallet for better tracking, but otherwise this sounds great;

We should also stake our FARM.
I think they have iFARM whjich is tokenized staking like xSUSHI


Also where does the eht come. Out of the wbtc/eth lp? What do we do with the BTC side?

And lastly, why not pair with bitcoin?

I agree! would be much easier to keep track of. after the last diversification we should have the eth needed to seed the pools, and lastly, it needs to be paired against eth on sushi for oracle for other listings, opportunities, etc.

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lol badger is about btc not eth better put bbadger and bdigg in unit or then the community not the treasury do the pools you say lol dont like it and you dont consider insurance and dont see how this fits with the treasury diversification model voted lol 1 million too much lol no thks

Just saw this. The frog does not want to listen to suggestions to announce BIPs in our Discord so the community knows there is one and can come here to discuss. He only announces snapshots.

So first of all, thank you for the BIP. All ideas that we as a community could come up with to add further utility to bBadger and bDigg are always welcome.

While the proposal could make sense, I partially agree with the previous comment (if I understood it correctly - difficult to read).

So, could you please explain how does it fit with the current overall treasury management implemented for the DAO and with the Barbell Investment Strategy that was voted on a previous BIP?

What are your views regarding risk management? Will the DAO buy insurance for this positions?

Has this been discussed with the team already? How do they feel about it?

The reason I ask this is because at this stage of the DAO (very early and with a lot in the works), I personally think that it would be best for all community initiatives to be well discussed and aligned with the core team strategy and vision.

I always ask questions and try to understand what I am voting for. This is my only intention. I have been called names for doing that.

Due that the Frog likes to move everything into snapshot without prior notice in the middle of discussions, just because something has quorum, for the moment I am voting against. This does not mean I am against, it just means that I need more information before voting for (and I can change the vote later).

totally. giving these pool value on Sushi gives more choice are the most evolved (and evolving) platforms.

More uses for our bBADGER and bDIGG can only be good. I fully support this.

lol more users good :heart: but using treasury money for this needs to fit strategy and make sure money safe no IL and everything good consistent and why eth and not btc perhaps using the current lps on sushi funded by users and incentivized by treasury as they are now makes more sense and gives same result and helps oracle work and bbadger and bdigg potential to be used as collateral in other defi and no exposing treasury and no using more funds better use funds for strategic partners as spadaboom said lol just saying lol

Firstly these pools would bring more liquidity to bBadger and bDIGG which is going to become important soon once rewards are switched to these assets in the app.

Also, to drive additional utility for these assets they need to be integrated with other defi protocols. Outside of Sushi, we could then use these pools for a oracle price source across a variety of products include Unit which was mentioned.

Unit will allow users to mint a stablecoin (USDP) against their bBadger and bDIGG. USDP can than be added to CRV for rewards or Component finance.


Thanks. Just wanted to make sure this fits the overall strategy for treasury management and that the team is onboard with it, so now I am too.

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Good points, it needs to be fully thought out.

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i wish i could vote for this a buncha times YES.

lol see nobody cared people here just vote yes for everything hahahaha lol

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if bbadger/eth stops getting digg rewards i’m ok with this.

what does this mean?

A proposal passed about 1 month ago to change rewards to bBadger and bDIGG instead of Badger and Digg.

You miss out mentioning all the cons. E.g. additional arbitrage draining capital from the project.

Also Geysir mechanics may change this way. Is it elaborated? No.