BIP 38: Election of the Council of Badgers

Category: Governance/Grants Program
Scope: Badger Council
Status: Accepted

Objective: Establish the inaugural Badger Council by snapshot vote


On launch, the Grants Program will have four types of grants: Governance, Ecosystem, Referral, and Community. Governance Grants will continue to be determined through BIPs, and Community Grants are smaller grants to reward content and community contributors.

By virtue of having greater potential impact on Badger’s development, Ecosystem Grants and Referral Grants require significant assessment and evaluation before being awarded. As such, we are assembling a group of four (4) community members and three (3) long-term core contributors for this evaluation and approval process: the Council of Badgers.


On Discord, community members had the opportunity to nominate fellow members and then emoji vote for the preliminary round. To prevent vote-sybil, emoji voting in the voting channel was restricted to members who joined before February 10, 2021. On close of voting, the following were the top ten nominees (by Discord username and with language provided by their nominators):


“He should be nominate because he actually saw and identify this Badger project very early by providing help and other support of finding out how much you are staking and what you earning it is. I know that this person does this for other protocols also, but that actually very strong, he is very known how other protocols are evolving in this staking and compounding era.”


“Gabriel is a Crypto Personality and YouTuber, focusing on DeFi projects with long-term value. He was in BadgerDAO before launch and brought many people to the community through his videos. He is clearly qualified and has a unique ability to promote our vision and bring more partners and contributors onboard.”

@Tritium – VLK

“Understands Badger and the larger goals, helps the community to understand, contributes to building with DevOps, code, crypto, IL/LP plays. Friendly. Well spoken. Global viewpoint. Listens. Participates in discussions.”


“This person has a great working knowledge of Badger and has shown to be dedicated, helpful, and optimistic. He is Badger’s Head of Support and has been around since inception.”

@arkgenesis | Badger DAO

“Ark has been a constant source of positivity, insight, reason and good conversational style in the forums and on the discord server. It seems like the main purpose of the badger council is to sort out grants, and he has been a meaningful participant in these conversations so far.”


“She’s been around DeFi for as long as I’ve known, always pointing out the flaws in intelligent ways and challenging teams to do better. She knows no fud or fomo, but instead uses her brain to challenge the status quo but also knows when to back off. A council needs a dissenting voice from time to time, and from what I can tell Sarah is one of the best in our space in doing this in a constructive way and with good timing.”


“[U]nbelievable Badger that have been around since inception. He would bring a great perspective to the entire grant process.”

@Russel Iwm

“He has been here since day 1. He also has a big reach in the pakistani communities which could open up alternative pathways.”


“Justsomeguy has been helpful and supportive on Discord and Forum since launch, providing comments and feedback for all stages of Badger’s growth. He has also been able to find common ground between community and team, with an understanding of the challenges involved.”


“[I]n the game for a long time with a vision that crypto should help everyone find more wealth. working in btc/mining for almost 10 years. Has done some work with the badger team for development. Has been farming in DeFi since there was something to farm. This dude gets it, and he has the p[ers]pective of someone with some bags who is a HODLer at heart. He’s thoughtful and friendly. We need someone like this.”

In addition, the three long-term core contributors who were selected internally for the Council are:

  • Defi Frog
  • masonv
  • shakeshack

In order to finalize the members of the Council, this BIP is now putting the top ten nominees from Discord to a snapshot vote. The top four at the end of snapshot voting will join the Council of Badgers. Each of the nominees above have been approached to ascertain that they understand the work that being on the Council entails and the parameters for grant application evaluation as delineated in BIP 28. They have each expressed that if elected, they are ready and able to fulfill these responsibilities.

Nominees may take this opportunity to provide further information on themselves below. Voting will close in 48 hours.

Please see snapshot here: Snapshot [THIS LINK IS NO LONGER ACTIVE.]

SNAPSHOT UPDATE: Unfortunately, Snapshot does not yet allow for ranked choice voting, which is why there was not an option to vote for more than one candidate. Polling the community showed, however, that everyone would prefer multiple snapshots in order to more closely imitate ranked choice voting.

You can find snapshots for each individual candidate here: Snapshot. Please vote for your preferred candidates on their respective pages.


I voted for @Tritium :heart::heart::heart:


I believe that DeFi is evolving rapidly due to developments in technology and our intended use for blockchain, and excellent product development with the proper execution of grants are of utmost importance in my mind. With my real estate experience, business milieu, technical aptitude, and excellent social/human skills honed from my background as a Master’s registered nurse, I aim to provide transparent service to the Badger community with every grant process to help Badger be #1 in DeFi — becoming the one stop shop for everything bitcoin.

Thank you for your support fellow badger.


OMG this already snapshot lol would have loved that they present themselves and tell why should vote for each so people know who they are and vote informed but no, we vote for some name without knowing how they represent community hahaha lol i dont understand why dont give space to the community to know them before moving to snapshot lol me dont like this process lol

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I have more than 10 Badger in my wallet, still not being able to vote on the snapshot page. Any suggestions? The snapshot page shows Voting power: 0 Badger

Hey everyone. A bit more about myself:

When Corona hit and everything locked down, my hobby/escape from work moved from 2 day long techno-parties to DeFi. I spent most of 2020 deeply exploring the space. I have been quite involved in the Yearn and Harvest communities.

At the time of Badger’s launch was looking for a project to be deeply involved in. Since day 0, i’ve done whatever I can to add my skills/knowledge to teach both the community and the team, to learn from everyone who has something interesting to say. I also to do the best I can to keep conversations civilised but diverse and inclusive of different points of view. Both of these are required for people to actually learn.

I’ve worked around software development (Systems Operations/DevSecOps/Team Leadership) in early stage startups (under 100 employees) for over 20 years. I’m currently phasing out of freelance DevOps work to focus 100% on the DeFi space.

I am a strong believer in DeFi as the great equaliser, and so it is important to me to think about how we can also provide funding/support for the arts and/or “the bankless.” That being said, I also understand how DeFi is young and we may need another year or two before this movement can really start. I’d love to see badger make some small inroads and lead in this space.

I also run a queer, cyberpunk fetish fashion brand called VLK Berlin with my husband. Check it out

I’m not very anon. If you wanted to figure out my name you could, and if this is important to you just ask.

“No shame, one life! Explore the future and share the best things you find far and wide.”


Hi all, some background;

I have owned and operated a successful construction/design firm for over 20 years, both in the commercial space and for custom residential homes. The vast majority of my clients have been rather wealthy, which is partially the reason that I drifted towards crypto years ago.

As someone who has had first hand experience with the financial inequalities that abound, I quickly realized that crypto was the key to unlocking a fairer system globally. DeFi in particular, has the power to be completely transformative, and this is where I have been dedicating my time and energy.

I’m a patient and caring person, a father, a builder, a gardener, and a lover of sunshine. In voting for me, you vote for a person that will take the time to understand things and to truly listen to the communities desires. I am able to put my own wishes aside for a greater good.



we can only vote for one ?

vote for @vfat , like his tools.

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Yes, that’s how it has been formatted. I see now that someone has made a forum post suggesting an alternative way of doing it.

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yes I think it would make more sense. I’d also be happy to split my $badger to vote for more than 1 member

Your vote is very important to the DeFi space. I was doing to just pick the one with the highest votes, but once reading everyone’s bio, I have changed my mind and see the reason why the bio’s should be front and centre first. So, we can get a better understanding of who we want in this role. Go Badger!

I voted for Gabriel, he’s done a lot for the project and deserves to be among the council. :ok_hand:

VLK wants us to wrap badger and port to BSC. Not really what I thought badger was all about.

I think we should consider actually asking the community if they’d be interested in wrapping a limited amount of bDIGG/bBADGER onto bsc and using it to partner with 1 or 2 credible BSC projects. I think gas is a problem and we should be looking at ways to allow those who can’t afford ETH tx’s to somehow take part in DeFi actions like yield farming and lending with Badger/Digg. Sorry if that offends some people. I didn’t mention it in my Bio above because the badger/bsc thing isn’t important to me.


Hey guys, Russell here. Currently the underdog but hoping to scrounge up some votes. When elected, I promise to do the following:

  • Fight Gismar live and host BIPs for which moves to use on him as a punishment for fudding
  • Cure cancer
  • Make Badger AT LEAST $1000 each, more if you guys say nice things about my hair
  • Fix Ethereum gas fees, they’ll be like two cents tops
  • Stop global warming
  • Take Gamestop to $10,000 a share
  • Get Dan Harmon to make the Community movie
  • Get the $2000 stimulus cheques out the door to America IMMEDIATELY!

Hope to see u guys at the polls and appreciate your votes!




I very much concur with this and will work with VLK to make it happen! I’ve been pushing for BSC within Badger for a while now.

+1 for @sarah! We need more intelligent dissenting voices offering the other side of the equation.