BIP 36: Voice channel in Discord

name: BIP 36: Add voice channel to Discord
category: Other

mid level

We should add a voice channel in the ‘fun zone’ sector of the Discord.

The voice channel can be used for badgers to have discussions, listen to music or guess a song for a tip using the tip bot.

This channel does not require additional resources from staff since people can simply mute anybody that they find disturbing, so there’s really no need for moderation (which shouldn’t be necessary anyways, since we all adhere to the code of conduct).

  • Add voice channel
  • Don’t add voice channel

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I agree and suggest voice channels for different languages


agree lets get this going would be fun to have in that zone

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I am in support of a voice channel. Brings extra utility to discord. Nice for late night talks and all that jazz. (:

Why is this even a BIP?

I don’t really think we should need a BIP and then move it to snapshot, to create another channel in our Discord.

There was one channel created today and that didn’t require a BIP.


Mr. Frog just couldn’t be convinced and believe me I tried more than once. And yeah it’s ridiculous to have a BIP for this. Also to not have one for being bought out by MomCorp, but I digress.

Lol. Thanks for your answer. It seems that you only need 7 more votes to reach quorum.

Wait, I’ll just register 7 more times with a different account and we’ll get it.


Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and saw this proposal open. I go to Discord and I see a voice channel there but I don’t really know how to use it lol. This is my first vote :slight_smile:

yes voice is a good idea