BIP 3: DIGG Sett Staking Rewards Improvement

DIGG > BTC -> 50% WBTC rewards
DIGG = BTC -> 75% DIGG + 25% WBTC rewards
DIGG < BTC -> 75% DIGG rewards
quite right!

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i completely disagree because this is btc. btcers want something that is not anything different from btc. the more deviation the less bitcoiners we get in. period.

just curious why 50/100/75
why not 50/100/50 or 75/100/75 or 66/100/66

The common pattern we can recognize when looking at the price history of other projects that use rebase mechanics is that they generally have an easier time balancing the price out in positive rebase zones compared to the negative.

So the difference in emissions above and below peg is meant to accomodate for this tendency.

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