BIP 102 - Discontinue DIGG TCL/LP


As Badger continues to move towards the launch of eBTC, a number of governance and other defi related products have been discontinued. This has included the gravitationally bound Aura (graviAURA) product that was launched by the DAO and paired with a variety of assets. Notably, DIGG has been in a pool consisting of DIGG/wBTC/graviAURA.

With graviAURA being discontinued and further work on the DIGG product being also halted, this BIP proposes that treasury controlled liquidity be removed from the Balancer Pool and Badger formally discontinue the DIGG product.


It is proposed that the following actions occur:

The treasury remove the TCL from the Balancer pool (0x8eB6c82C3081bBBd45DcAC5afA631aaC53478b7C)

The treasury burn all of the DIGG in the TCL and held in the treasury and no longer support DIGG.

The treasury retain all of the wBTC for further eBTC launch incentives

The treasury explore ways to dispose of the Aura.

Whilst this will formally end the Badger experiment with the DIGG product, this does not prevent other DIGG holders from maintaining their LP on Balancer or Uniswap or any other platform that they desire.


Should another protocol or individual wish to enter into some arrangement regarding taking over the DIGG product, then this BIP will also enable the DAO to make a decision on disposing of the product using some other means, whatever is best for the DAO moving forward. This can be achieved via internal treasury council decision for the best benefit to the DAO.


At the passing of this BIP, the council will remove the LP and burn the DIGG. Should the BIP not pass then the DIGG/wBTC/graviAURA pool will remain until another community proposal decides on how best to proceed.


I support this proposal and believe the ecosystem should focus all its resources on making eBTC successful.

Furthermore, this typically would be a treasury council decision (which there was soft consensus on this proposal) but because of the treasury policy in place (BIP 89: BadgerDAO Treasury Management Policy) and the below pictured excerpt, this BIP needs to be presented.

i would add to also burn the digg in the treasury’s possession that is currently not in the lp.


amended it thank you.

What’s going to happen to the Digg that is in the contract for the last Digg NFT standing Honeypot game?

What’s going to happen with the related burn NFT for Digg contracts?

Only what you propose :slight_smile:

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