BIP 101 - Council Election


It’s time for Community Council elections as well as a progression of Council 2.0. BIP 93-Council 2.0 established a 7-person Community Council and elections are due. In this round, no councilors have resigned and Trantor has asked to be considered for the council. This leaves us with a choice to either add an 8th member or choose 7 of the 8 candidates to fit within the existing council structure.

This BIP gives the opportunity to optimize the budget, reduce bureaucracy and clarify imprecise language from the original BIP.

Option 1: Increase the Council Size from 7 to 8

Today, to ratify a decision requires 4 of 7 Councilors and if this option passes a decision will require 5 of 8. In the event of a tie (4/4), the decision will be put to an RFF and include a community emoji vote. Based on the community feedback the councilors may elect to change their votes. If the council remains deadlocked the issue shall not pass.

Option 2: Keep the Council Size at 7

This option will keep the Council at 7 and will require a Snapshot run-off using ‘Approval Voting’ where each voter chooses their preferred 7 of the 8. The top 7 choices are elected to the Council and the 8th person is assigned as an alternate Councilor who may break ties and vote if a Councilor is unable/unwilling to vote. Should a Councilor resign, the alternate will automatically be promoted into their place.

  • Option 1: Increase the Council size fro 7 to 8 and add Trantor to the Council
  • Option 2: Keep the Council size at 7 and have a runoff vote

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While getting to an even number of Council members could potentially create unwanted ties I believe the remedy is acceptable. And in practice the council has usually coalesced around issues before voting.

Additionally, as I said in the rff, I think increased engagement is something that we should welcome in this bear/crab market.