BIP 10: Adoption of Code of Conduct

name: BIP 9: Adoption of Code of Conduct
category: Other
status: Accepted

mid level: Deciding on a universal Code of Conduct for each participant of BadgerDAO

Even though we are decentralized, I feel a Code of Conduct that applies to all members of the DAO, be it community or staff, Badgers that hold large bags or small, is necessary.

One that is very popular and I think fits very well is the


IMO it covers all the bases and the idea of this vote is to assure that everybody knows and has read them and agrees to follow those rules. They basically just say let’s be nice to each other.

It’s not something that I’d think is necessary for you to read but it might be good that we have this small document that everybody had previously agreed on and that also is something that unites us.

This vote would mean that you have read the code and are going to adhere to it, same as your fellow community members and think it is in the best interest for the DAO.

  • AGREE - adhere to proposed code of conduct
  • DISAGREE - don’t adhere to proposed code of conduct

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Snapshot BIP 10


Code of Conduct would really help moderation. 100% support.


It is very helpful​:heart::heart::heart:

This is a great idea and really like the proposed code of conduct

As communities grow its important to have agreed upon values - this community is already very strong and a solid code of conduct helps solidify this

Here’s the link to the snapshot vote:

Snapshot link to BIP 10

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Hi @gismar.

I’ve noticed that your BIP 10 proposal doesn’t show up on the frontpage at BadgerDao snapshot page as seen in this image.

Not sure if it’s intended or you need to wait on approval from the team to post this proposal. Just wanted to point this out.

Voted agree :ok_hand: :innocent:


Yes that’s correct, I don’t know why actually. But that’s also why I posted the direct link here and for archive it will stay here attached to this post.

Thanks for bringing this to attention!


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