BIP 1: Badger Emissions for Week 2

Great work so far , Congratulations to BADGER :heart:

Love you $badger and @Spadaboom

Hi guys , nice to see you here

I also agree with this plan. Even if I’m not really sure to understand why a boost on day 1 will help. A boost could have help on week 1, or for all week2, to attract more TVL. Like: Hey guys, week 1 is done, everything is good, people heard about Badger, let’s boost the TVL for this week.

But in that case, day 1 seems a bit random to me. Or you will have to communicate about that. And it’s already tomorrow ^^.

It’s not a big deal has the total number of Badger emission will be the same for the week.

No need to hold BADGER to vote?

What do you think about the distribution airdrop for the members who have positive contributions in this forum?

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This is forum guy, not a DAO vote

Agree with the 30% boost enhancing the weekly emissions on day 1 to incentive week 2 participation.

30% boost is very compelling to me. You lose the incentive if you make it straight across the week. And it rewards people participating, engaging, or paying attention to the protocol which I hope will generate momentum.

Is it really true ? I think it’s more like a marketing event. To boost the attention on the protocol and increase TLV.

If you already believe is Badger, your $badger are already stacked . So if you boost the first day of the week, or not, it will be exactly the same for you.
Note that it’s not extra Badger ! You have more on day 1, but you have less for days 2-7. So if you stake the all week you have the same amount. And if you miss the first day you have less. So basically there is no advantage, only disadvantage.

I may be wrong ^^. But can’t really see what is the advantage here. Even for a marketing point of view. OK you have a boost for one day. But the following days you have less. So the message here is: Come, stake 1 day, enjoy the boost, and leave.
What do you think ?


Yes! Amazing job @Badgers

I support this proposal, but there should be an objective measure of success for the next week. We don’t want to follow the path of projects that had high inflationary emissions and ended up devaluing the token.

Given our ethos related to BTC, we want to be very mindful of this going forward, even if that means APY drops.

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Great proposal. Yes for BIP-1

While a 30% boost rewards early adopters and attracts others, it also reduces the longer-term stickiness of bringing new people in, at least if other defi protocols are a guide.

Week 2 isn’t time to change the emissions rate. There are no serious new competitors out this week with the same value prop as badger. Why boost day one now when we’ve still got press and an advantage?

Save it for an edge when we need one to keep whale funds when the next yearn merger happens or whatever other competitive event we’ll need.

I like the idea of the boost, but not the timing.

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Oh so the vote doesn’t count on the forum?

Hello. I propose to use Incentivised WBTC/pBTC Uniswap pool as new sett. I think it give more new users to badger. Both the badger and the ptokens will benefit from this.

Great work on bringing Badger to the community

The advantage is some may stay staked vs. making a decision to move as you describe post 1st day in week 2 which I see your point. I think maybe keeping momentum from week 1 for those participating into week 2 is how I should have described the incentive. Plus the multiplier is still in place. Become stickier in my opinion. Good thoughts.

Yes to the proposal, it sounds great.

Let’s do it. That should bring some more attention.

Yes I support the proposal…lets go!! :slight_smile:

Went to bed, then to work. Forum up and running with a vote already passed by the time I grabbed the laptop. Nicely done, people!

Liking the look of this proposal. Yay boosties!

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