BIP 1: Badger Emissions for Week 2

Yes I support the proposal…lets go!! :slight_smile:

Went to bed, then to work. Forum up and running with a vote already passed by the time I grabbed the laptop. Nicely done, people!

Liking the look of this proposal. Yay boosties!

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I’m in favor of BIP 1.

I view the week one liquidity mining event as a massive success, and the TVL hasn’t reached its cap yet.

I like where we are, and I see no reason to make significant changes to the emission schedule at this point.
I like the boost experiment as well.

I think it will be better to smooth out the ending of the liquidity mining program, which would enable it to go for much longer.
In my opinion, this way, we will maximize liquidity retention effects.

It’s too early for that now, though. My current intuition is that maybe starting it from the fifth week will be all right. We’ll have a lot more data by that point to have a more informed decision.


Same berry, bajja, I am all for migrating completely to sushi

Hi, Badger community,

This is Sang from Huobi DeFi Labs team ( We would like to discuss with you about adding HBTC Curve LP to the emission proposal.

HBTC ( are a suite of assets issued on Ethereum and backed by cryptocurrencies from other blockchains to bring more digital assets to the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

HBTC has enabled users to seamlessly access decentralized protocols such as Uniswap, Curve, Nest, CoFix, Harvest, and ForTube (MakerDAO, Aave and Compound are in negotiation.).

H-Tokens, especially HBTC, already enjoy excellent on-chain liquidity, and the oracle can also directly use Chainlink’s BTC oracle or Nest HBTC oracle. And we keep up promoting DeFi to our users, also we would like to be one of the best BTC bridge to Ethereum DeFi.

Please take HBTC curve LP into account.



Yes, I agree :panda_face: Go Badger

I agree 100%
Keep going forward! Great work, great community!

how do you know this? whats new in v3?

where can one get hbtc?

is that how stuff is going to be decided here, with forum vote and no badger tokens vote?!

Yes…sure …cheers!!!

We’re working to finetune our process. We have a snapshot set up, but the restrictions haven’t been set yet. Please see About the BIP | Badger Improvement Proposals category for the full process.

@Sang, please make your own post in the general category.

hey Sang,

I have a proposal written up to put this to a vote but right now just doesn’t feel like the time. check the recent roadmap set up - there is a section for new Setts and strategies and i believe saving this for then would be best. we need to address security of the Setts since we have garnered almost 200M TVL

  1. Curve hbtc pool to exchange wBTC for HBTC;
  2. Huobi Exchange to withdraw HBTC directly.

Thanks, my colleague already sent the proposal draft to Spadaboom, hope he can help us to review about the proposal.

I see now. Will post a proposal for HBTC more officially.

is there a proposal for Week 3?