Better late than never 😇

I came late to the party. Missed the airdrop. Now it seems - - that the majority of the DIGG airdrop will also miss me.

The Badger DAO has allocated 15% of the Digg supply in the following way:

  • Total Badger Rewards Earned (55%)
  • Badger Earned / Badger Staked Ratio (35%)
  • Badger Staked Tokens Over Time (10%)


  • 2nd smaller airdrop to the same addresses (medium post)
  • 25-30% of the original capacity (this is because existing community did majority of the work)
  • 6 months vesting
  • some formula so that even if someone arrives in a year or two, there will some BADGER to be claimed

The incentive for existing BADGER holders:

More inclusive community. More supporters. Larger mindshare. Even bigger ecosystem.

I’m thinking - if I was heavily invested in the DAO, would that proposal be in my favour?

My personal incentive:


I’m providing some liquidity on SushiSwap, I’m earning rewards, I have skin in the game, I’m part of the community but there is still some regret of not being on time.

Better late than never :innocent:

(that’s is the title of this post)


Reality check.

If the is initial feedback / support / enthusiasm I’ll formalize the proposal using the template: About the BIP | Badger Improvement Proposals category (category: EMISSIONS)

how can you miss 2 airdrop ! If you are missing Digg i’t just because you want to miss it. Buy $Badger and stake it ! no excuse.

And if you didn’t dump you first aidrop you will receive this one. So this proposal doesn’t make any sense… sorry

I bought $Badger, LP, staking, earning… But the ratio of the 2nd airdrop heavily favours those who were staking since day 0, not latecommers like me.

I didn’t dump. Because I didn’t claim. Will I receive DIGG?

On the linked page - - not a single mention of “those who didn’t claim the first airdrop”?

I’m new to this forum which is awesome btw, great job to everyone involved in this project. I’ve bought and deposited badger from the start I didn’t get an airdrop of badger either I bought in to it and I’ve been waiting for this digg airdrop and I’m seeing posts like it’s already happened. Can someone fill me in? Thanks

Yes i think it’s the point !

If you din’t claim the first airdrop not sure, as i based on $badger earned

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Yeah, I get the idea, but there is a counterargument to the very same point.

I understand the current incentive completely:

“I got a share of $Badger, I get a share of $Digg too.”

What I’m suggesting instead - make it more open, more inclusive, more welcoming to those who missed out on the first occassion.

I think this has to do more with market psychology but let me explain.

The team has implemented concepts to reward long term value.

  • $DIGG is being airdropped to those wallets that interacted with badger vaults from day 1.
  • The geyser contract multiplies your return.
  • The risk/reward of keep building your position with just the APY alone is better than most defi farms out there.
  • The initial $BADGER airdrop incentivized btc holders to join badger.

If you didn’t join all these airdrops, you aren’t late. It’s nice you still got a badger position and an upcoming digg position. There will still be long term rewards along the way as I believe the dao will keep growing.

Why was I telling you that the issue is about market psychology?
Each cycle gives you a different opportunity. I didn’t mint bitcoin on ethereum or did any activities to become eligible for the badger airdrop. still didn’t buy badger below 3 so i bought my first badger at around 8 dollars haha silly me, but I still was able to benefit from so many opportunities by building my badger position. Someone joining until now, still has the chance to get badger at 14 dollars and farm for the last 2 weeks but now another opportunity arises: the digg liquidity mining.

You are being honest by saying that you missed out, came late to the party etc.

you’re still not late to be honest as badger is still cheap and there’s plenty of farming opportunities ahead. but this proposal is as if i would’ve propose: "Hey guys i missed the first airdrop, can we get another one? or "hey i couldn’t buy badger at 3 can we make a proposal to dump the price to 3? or someone after the 8 week farming period coming and saying “hey, i missed the apy of the first 8 weeks, i propose to extend that apy because i missed out”. and so on, it would encourage people to do this type of proposals and in my opinion, they are selfish don’t you think?

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I agree with you a lot.

For me the “jump in” moment was a community call on Twitter, I saw so much action, energy, commitment, passion…

Industry standard

Uniswap Discord

1inch Discord

I still believe there is a potential for extending the initial aidrop.

There is a lot of psychology here, I almost walked away but decided to stay.

definitely exciting times to be involved in the dao and the farms :slight_smile: were still early!

What is the point of re-airdropping? You can, in effect, have $DIGG airdropped to yourself every few hours from this day forward by participating.

My direct reposnse to that in the initial post

I had a personal regret of missing out and it took me a sizeable effort (regret minimization metric) to jump in.

I live by the principle: “if something affects me, there is non zero chance it affects others”

6 months vesting to avoid opportunistic dumps.

:woman_shrugging:Do not agree with the sentiment below…

…it is called regular “liquidity mining”

I feel for you Brother but we are are Badgers and that’s not gonna fly with ease lol

I’m AGAINST this proposal.

It’s super early still and there is lots of money to be made providing liquidity and staking and doubling up and so on…so nah not fair to others that gave their all stuck inside with all the algo action. Just my 2 cents.



NO WAY !!!

SORRY DEFINITELY NOT for this proposal.

JOIN THE DAO PLEASE AND ENJOY :wink: :pray: but no let’s not re - airdrop please.